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Powerful Praise (Satire)

Man on Right: Did you hear that explosion at the contemporary church across the street?

Man on Left:¬† That wasn’t an explosion, Gus, that was the praise band doing a sound check…


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Praise & Worship… Old West Style (Humor)


Robert: “Wow, that man is playing the guitar with his teeth and then behind his back.”

John: “That’s our new P & W pastor. Wait ’til he breathes fire! He darned near burned my toupee off my head last week.”

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Sgt. Relevance

The pastoral team at Seeking Relevance Church donned Sgt. Pepper regalia and quoted Beatles lyrics in an effort to reach their self-absorbed gen X audience. All was going well until Pastor Rob almost choked on a loosened tooth veneer during his “goo goo g’joob” part of I am the Walrus…

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