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Shall We Continue to Sin That Grace May Abound?

I found this piece of satire at Ken’s site and found it hilarious. It points out a serious issue very effectively. We cannot claim Jesus while continuing to revel in our sin.

Paul addressed this issue in Romans and 1st Corinthians. Christians do not continue to drink iniquity as if it were water (regardless of whether it is bottled or tap). So, the idea of thieves continuing to steal after “becoming Christians” is absurd.

You may be wondering why the truth man would bring up such an elementary principle. The answer is that people need to hear this! Search the Emergents and liberal denominations and you will find homosexuals and heterosexual fornicators being welcomed into their assemblies and even pulpits! And what makes this worse is the continuing practice of sin goes right along for the ride!

And what about other sins? Look at the Barna and FOTF research that indicates that virtually the same behavior goes on in the lives of those who call themselves Christian as those who do not. So should we continue to sin that grace may abound?

Where does the madness stop? Can real Christians continue to sin as if nothing has changed in their lives spiritually? I say no because I believe the Bible says no. The Bible teaches that those who are saved are transformed. They become new creatures. They are conformed to the image of Christ over time. They repent and grow out of their desire to sin.

No one is saying that Christians suddenly and perfectly stop sinning. However, it is ridiculous to say that Christians continue to live as if nothing significant happened to them when they were saved. It is not valid hermeneutics to suddenly redefine a sin into a non-sin.

So think carefully before you go around telling people to “just be you” and that “God wired you a certain way because that is how He wants you to be” because such talk can be recklessly misleading. Check what the Bible teaches about sin. You will come away with a different perspective than the one in the cartoon above…


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God & Golf (Encouragement from the Truthinator part deux)

If your Christian life could be spoken of in terms of golf analogies, what do you do most often when faced with an excellent opportunity to represent God and His word? Do you hit it long and straight? Do you sink the 20 footer? Do you shank it into the woods or yip the 3 foot putt?

When your friends talk about you behind your back (and you know they do) do they refer to you as the Palmer or Nicklaus of the faith? Or could you better be compared to Scott Hoch or John Daly who were both on the verge of greatness but could not get there.

I see myself as the Roy McAvoy of Christianity. Who is Roy? He is the minimum-wage golf range pro in the movie Tin Cup who lives in a Winnebago at the range. Roy can never seem to finish anything and he shanks life whenever he can. Roy was known as one of the best ball strikers ever in college yet in life he could never amount to anything because his mind was chocked full of inner emotional turmoil.

I am afraid if we knew the heroes of the faith a little better than we do we would find more McAvoys than Palmers. None of us are perfect nor do any of us approach perfection. God has a tendency to qualify the called instead of call the qualified into service. Why?

I believe it is because the self-impressed are beyond the point of having any real value. Their tank is full of myopic mist. Any apparent accomplishment is of their doing. Any failure is someone else’s fault.

God uses people who know and proclaim that only God could have accomplished anything in their lives. God is due all glory and praise. Romans 1:18-32 talks about what happens to people who live in vanity refusing to honor God and give Him His due praise and worth.

Are you saved? If so, then God began a good work in you and will see it through until its completion (Philippians 1:6). The load of responsibility for making that 3 footer under immense pressure has shifted from your back to His. We certainly give effort to our sanctification but not to earn it for ourselves. We go through the God-directed motions as we journey to become like Christ. His plan not ours. His power not ours. His guarantee not ours.

Now tee it up and hit it down the middle. The pressure of performance belongs to God. Ours is to obey; His is to accomplish.

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