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Heavy Matzo (Humor)

Have you heard about the Yiddish Heavy Metal band, Black Shabbat? They’re Oy-some… I hear they’re opening for Guns ‘n Moses on their Appetite for Falafel tour…

Note to readers: Before anyone gets all offended, this is not poking fun at Jewish people. It is lampooning the ordinarily unrelated concepts of heavy metal bands and religious sects by making an absurd association between people & concepts that do not usually connect. This is a vehicle for humor and nothing else.

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Guns ‘n TULIPs (Satire)


Meet the latest in Calvinist garage-style church praise bands:  Guns ‘n TULIPs             Welcome to the jungle…


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Relevance Lost (Satire)

Goober:  Did you see that pitiful sound system at that church in Siler City?

Andy:  Yeah, no Marshall stacks, no guitar effect pedals, no synthesizers, no strobe lights, no smoke bombs…no wonder they’re not a growing church, they lack all the vital stuff.

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Someone Pass the Hair Spray (Humor)

The praise band received a call from the senior pastor reminding them to dress to accommodate the aesthetic sensibilities of the elders but due to static on the call what they heard was to dress to infuriate the conservative proclivities of the elderly…

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