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Relevance Revisited (Post-modern Fact)


If you’re not tellin’ me what I want to hear then you’re not relevant to my culture…

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Powerful Praise (Satire)

Man on Right: Did you hear that explosion at the contemporary church across the street?

Man on Left:  That wasn’t an explosion, Gus, that was the praise band doing a sound check…


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A Pirate Looks at Relevance (Satire)

Ahoy, me hearties… me name be Cap’t Graybeard and I bees yer new Pastor. In order to be relevant to the thievin’ scoundrels that live in this here part of the country, we be changin’ to a pirate theme here at Keelhaul Community Church. If’n you don’t like this new approach to broadenin’ our appeal, thar be the door!

Now let’s party like it were 1739…Rum all around!

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How Much Cultural Contextualization is Too Much?

You hear it said all around you these days. “We have to broaden our appeal if we are to reach our culture.” ” We have to be relevant if we are to reach our community.” Ok, so far so good. However, the devil is in the details (so to speak). How far can you go in broadening your appeal or being relevant without going too far?

I studied for and received an MBA degree several years ago. I had been studying the seeker and emergent programs for about 8 years prior. I was surprised to find that the methods used in marketing & advertising of consumer goods are the EXACT SAME ONES being used by many of the new-fangled church growth programs.

Let me count the problems with this.

1) God and His word is not a consumer good that can be judged on the basis of the presumed merit in the mind of a shopper. The church attenders assume the posture of consumers and they demand to be entertained or they will simply move on to the next supplier.

2) People cannot be influenced to ‘accept’ God or to ‘make a decision’ for God. Examples where people were manipulated into joining a church instead of being saved show that simply joining a church results in a falling away very soon afterwards. Often, the people are disillusioned and bitter for having been ‘sold a bill of goods’ by a religious system. Contrast this to people who hear God’s word and cry out to Jesus for salvation. They persevere in the faith.

3) Worldly people who are lured into a church because of world-mimicking gimmicks do not last very long in that church. Statistics tell us this fact. The reason for this is that the church is a poor substitute for the flesh-satisfying lies of the world. A flesh-lite substitute will soon be replaced by a fully flesh-satisfying vice provided by the world.

There are more items but this should suffice for this discussion.

So, when the church promotes gimmicks in order to increase their attendance, exactly whom is being fooled? I am afraid the church is the one being fooled. God builds His Church. His sovereign gift of salvation by grace through faith in His Son Jesus is the only “process” that is valid. God directs, we respond. God transforms, we conform to the image of Christ (slowly over time).

So how much cultural contextualization is too much? The amount that confuses the issue of sovereignty.

Never give people the wrong impression of who is God and who is not. Expound upon the greatness of God. Tell God’s WHOLE story. Some people’s lives will be changed. We were never called by God to sharpen His brand. He needs no spiffing up to be marketable in 2011. God is as Relevant now as when He created everything.


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Sgt. Relevance

The pastoral team at Seeking Relevance Church donned Sgt. Pepper regalia and quoted Beatles lyrics in an effort to reach their self-absorbed gen X audience. All was going well until Pastor Rob almost choked on a loosened tooth veneer during his “goo goo g’joob” part of I am the Walrus…

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A West Minister’s Confession (Satire)

“We warned you ’bout all that verse-by-verse expositional preachin’, pilgrim. Now this is yer last warnin’. Get relevant or get hanged. Afterall, it’s 1827 for cryin’ out loud… We’ll never be able to git 50 people attendin’ preachin’ unless we broaden our appeal. Now what’ll it be?”

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The Emergent Railroad Crossing (Satire)

Discerning Passenger: Dude, there’s a train coming. Don’t drive onto the tracks!

Emergent Driver: Whoa, man. You are sooo negative! Lighten up, dude. That train is in YOUR reality, not mine. I see nothing but clear blue sky.

Discerning Passenger: Stop, dude! The train will hit us!

Emergent Driver: Your dogmatic, absolute truth stance is the reason you have few friends. Relaaaax, man. Enjoy life…

Discerning Passenger: This is not an opinion, the train is REAL!

Emergent Driver: Dude, truth is only valid if it is well-received by your audience. I am texting pastor Zed to tell him what a zero you are. He says  never let truth get in the way of viewing life through the monist hologram construct where I find my inner peace.

Discerning Passenger: I’m bailing out…

Emergent Driver: You’re stuck in the 1900s, dude. I choose to be relevant to today’s culture……….CRASH


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Relevance in Action (Humor)

Pastor Bob replaced this week’s sermon with a knife throwing act in order to be more relevant to his flock. His point was to accomplish a dynamic equivalence takeoff on the Word of God being sharper than any two-edged sword. As a side note, P&W singer Sandy Weaver was already dressed to serve as Bob’s assistant  since the musical theme for this week’s service was the Village People…
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Deeds not Creeds (satire)

The dramatic arts ministry at  Fromage dans la Matinee (formerly Calvary Baptist Church before converting to Emergent) delivered a dramatic dynamic equivalence interpretation of Acts 10 combined with the Dr. Seuss classic Green Eggs & Ham while standing in front of a Monroe, NC tobacco barn in an effort to reach out to rural children’s book lovers…
Thanks to Eddie at Calvinistic Cartoons for the image. The caption is by the Truthinator. 
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A Lesson in Relevance (satire)

After attending a Pompous Driven Church conference in southern California, brothers Fred, Bill, and Tom misinterpreted 1 Cor 9:22 by actually becoming Amish…  
Their conversion was short-lived however. Once they found they had to give up their Twitter and iphones, they were out like a 1692 candle in a windstorm…
Thanks to Calvinist Cartoon for the image. The caption is by the Truthinator.
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