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Come Back to the Future… (Humor)


Marty:  But Doc, the leader of my Beer & Bible small group says that the book of the Revelation was mostly fulfilled in AD70, Israel is done. I’m a Preterist.

Doc Brown: Marty, I’ve warned you about the YR&R folks. Have you read Romans 11? You need to come back to the future…


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Dispensationalist & Son (Humor)

Lamont:  Pop, I’m tellin’ you, most of the book of Revelation was fulfilled in AD 70… Israel is done.

Fred:  You big dummy… stop going with your aunt Esther to that reformed church. They’re filling your head with nonsense. Have you read Romans 11?

Lamont:  But Pop, I’m a Preterist.

Fred:  Welcome back to the future, dummy…

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