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Back to the Future (Humor)

Thanks to Scope Features for the image.

Emmet Brown:  Marty, I built a time machine and traveled into the Tribulation..

Marty McFly: Doc, I don’t believe in the Tribulation, I’m a Preterist.

Emmet Brown:  Great Scott, Marty…you need to go back to the future.


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Dispensationalist & Son (Humor)

Lamont:  Pop, I’m tellin’ you, most of the book of Revelation was fulfilled in AD 70… Israel is done.

Fred:  You big dummy… stop going with your aunt Esther to that reformed church. They’re filling your head with nonsense. Have you read Romans 11?

Lamont:  But Pop, I’m a Preterist.

Fred:  Welcome back to the future, dummy…

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Porky the Reformed Theologian (Humor)

The book of Revelation is allego, uh uh allego, uh uh allego, uh uh… deeply symbolic.


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An Interview with a Preterist Vampire (Humor)


Apprentice:  Pardon me but which parts of Revelation do you think have already occurred? 

Preterist Vampire:  The parts I do not understand, of course…

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Reformed vs. Romans 11… and the rest of the Bible

I know some really great people in the reformed camp. I am about to tick all of them off but I have to. Their eschatology and position on Israel make no sense. At no time did the Church become Israel and the book of Revelation is not totally allegorical.

Proof? The Bible is proof! Read it without using the reformed transmogrifying filter that they use to force things into their view. Romans 11 is a prime example. Paul did not practice a reformed interpretational framework. I mean no disrespect but it is true! Paul was writing literally just like he wrote everything else. Romans does not end after chapter 10. Read on. Chapter 11 refutes the reformed perspective on Israel.

The book of Revelation is another. Then there’s the Old Testament and the rest of the New…

Read the Bible the way it was written. It is a unified writing from God to communicate His redemptive plan. Israel is still part of God’s plan.

True ‘dat?


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