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Please Pray for My Hearing (Humor)

A man told the faith healer he needed prayer for his hearing. The faith healer grabbed both sides of the man’s head and started speaking in unknown tongues and pushing against the man’s ears as if he was pushing a demon through one ear & out of the other. After about 3 minutes of this, the faith healer said, “How’s your hearing now, young man?” The man looked up and humbly said, “My hearing is next Tuesday…….”


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Stick a Fork in Mark Driscoll Because He is Done (Finished)


Mark Driscoll is what I consider to be out of his mind. The most recent thing I have seen tears it. For several years I have seen him do things on video and in print that were questionable. Now he has crossed farther over the line to the point of being rendered useless for the ministry, in my opinion.

He is apparently using divination and calling it discernment. He claims to see visual images in graphic detail. He claims that when he counsels and when he preaches he sees images of people doing all sorts of lewd and wicked things. He also claims to know things about the people that he counsels that the people themselves do not know.

Run from this guy. He has crossed a line. He is not sound. He is not doctrinal. He is not scriptural. He is not orthodox. He practices what I consider to be occult behavior. Why do I say this?

If he ‘saw things’ but recognized from scripture that people today that are Godly do not see things like this, he would beg God’s power to overcome this evil thing. Since he embraces it however, he is opening himself up to deceptive spirits that are not from God.

Does the Bible talk about people seeing things that others do not see? Yes. One type of person was either God’s prophet or Christ’s apostolic servant. Both of these jobs have been closed down since the first century. The other type of person that saw things others did not see and told folks about it were getting the information from demons. This is dangerous territory.

Another thing is that Driscoll seems to relish giving vivid detail about the lurid activities he sees during these episodes of his. I am afraid he enjoys the power and/or prestige he imagines himself to have.

Run, folks! This guy is dangerous. Sure, he teaches a pretty good lesson at times; however, the thing to keep in mind is that a man of God will be consistent. He will not teach truth most of the time and conduct divination occasionally.

If any of you are in Mark’s church, contact the leadership and get this guy some help. He is on the wrong track. Read your Bible and justify or condemn his behavior based upon what it teaches.

Watch the video to see him talk about ‘seeing’ things. Warning: there is a great deal of graphic sexual terms and situations discussed in the clip.

Thanks to, and others.


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Dispensational Thought for the Day #5 part 1

Thanks for your viewership thus far, the numbers for these posts have been huge! Please respond if you wish.

Dispensational Thought #5 (part 1) : The Rapture of the church is not mentioned in the Bible, so why do many people believe in it?

This is part one of probably several posts that will talk about the rapture. First of all, there are no verses or chapters that tell us about the rapture directly. As a matter of fact, I do not believe any verses directly address the rapture. Many Dispensationalists will disagree with me on this but that is OK. I just do not see where there is a lesson on the rapture in scripture of a direct nature. So, why do I believe there will be a rapture? Great question.

Let me digress for a moment and I will begin to answer the question in the 2nd part of this post series. It is critical to retain proper thinking when interpreting scripture. You can NEVER pull a verse and use it out of context with the chapter and book in which it is found. I will give you an example. Matthew 18:20 is often quoted prior to congregational prayer; however, the verse is in a section of a chapter that deals exclusively with church discipline! To say that God hears our prayers whenever two or more are gathered together misleads people into believing that God does not hear individual prayers and that prayers offered by groups are always superior to individual prayers which is never mentioned nor implied anywhere in scripture.

Another point to be made here is that the Bible often corroborates itself by reinforcing principles in more than one place within the body of scripture. Be careful of points of interest that seem to stand alone. Many think the rapture is such a point. They do not see it mentioned and do not see a corroboration anywhere else in scripture. Then why would I believe in such a concept as the rapture? Tune in next time for the beginning of my explanation.


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