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Special Announcement from Saddleback (Humor)

Special Announcement: What with all of the bridges we are building into false religions, Saddleback Community Social Center & Clown College is opening a False Religion Appreciation Fashion Boutique.

Join our fearless leader as he dons a Hijab honoring our brothers from another religion or choose your own accent piece that will instantly make you relevant to folks from other faiths.

Act now and you will get a 25% discount on a senior pastor tattoo & nose piercing combo in the tattoo parlor of our boutique. We are the delight of Bridgers everywhere.

Stop in and say, ” Assalamu Alaikum ” the next time you are in town…


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The New Tolerance (Satire)

Hey Dude, if you think I look weird or if you refuse to allow me to deviate from societal norms or if you have the audacity to expect me to live with the results of my reckless behavior, then you are obviously a narrow-minded, bigoted, hate-monger.

Afterall, I should be able to ruin my life and expect you to take the blame & pay to have the pieces put back in place. It is your fair share… 

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