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Smoke a Spurgeon (Humor)

Photo courtesy of Calvinistic Cartoons; Caption by Truthinator

Don’t get caught on the downgrade with a cheap cigar…elect a Spurgeon Panatela. It never loses its flavor and the aroma is predestined to ward off backsliding to lesser cigars. Once lit always lit… Exercise your free will and enjoy one today. Reform the way you think about cigars. These are the best smokes of this dispensation. Available at better Calvinist humidors near you.


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Hear That Efficacious Call (Humor)

Telephone Lutte Incendie Clip Art

Use Calvin Communications and hear that efficacious call with crystal clarity. We don’t drop calls like those Arminian telephone companies. With Calvin Communications it’s once connected always connected! Exercise your freewill and choose Calvin Communications. We’re predestined to be your telephone company!


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