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Dispensational Malaise in America (Opinion)

Today is September 11, 2011 which is the tenth anniversary of what was apparently a quasi-military attack on US soil. This opinion piece is not about whether this day should be memorialized. Read on…

Dispensational churches across America will fly 100 foot flags today and marching bands will play patriotic tunes while people gather to hear inspirational words. Is this wrong? No. Many need comfort. Even though it has been ten years, the people who lost loved ones will always grieve. There is no statute of limitations on pain & loss.

The issue I seek to raise really has nothing to do with 9/11/01 per se. The issue I have a beef with is that many dispensational churches will go through yet another scheme to draw a crowd today and once drawn, a speaker will deliver a message to them about 3 or 4 steps they can employ to make their lives better here on earth.

Self help, investment portfolio enhancement, marriage improvement, Lexus performance maintenance, and other such important matters will get more attention than the message the church is intended to proclaim unless I miss my guess.

While I do not agree with everything my Reformed friends believe, they will come much closer to getting it right today. Dispensationalism has gone the way of the pragmatic broad road in too many cases. Did Jesus set aside His rightful position in Heaven, come to earth, die, and rise again so that we could put a little spark in our marriages & get optimum performance from our beemers?

The Bible is very clear about what we are to do during this life. Of the activities discussed there, I see very little if anything about structuring this life for optimal enjoyment. Draw crowds if you please but for Christ’s sake, tell them the truth once you get them there.


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Weiner Roasted (Op-Ed)

An uncharacteristically somber and arrogance-free Anthony Weiner DEMOCRAT-NY resigned from office yesterday after embarrassing himself, his family, his country, and pretty much everyone with any sense of decency.

Admittedly, I never cared for Weiner. He was arrogant, obnoxious, and pretty much devoid of any quality that I would look for in someone to admire. And he royally worked himself over by not only hanging himself politically and personally but by serving it up on a platter for the media. What a moron!

I wonder if his ego is large enough for him to be able to rationalize his actions as somehow being someone else’s fault? Anyhoo, he is done…at least for now.

The question is not whether he will return but rather, the question is whether he might actually learn something from all of this. Could he possibly learn from the embarrassment he caused to himself, his new wife, his future generations, his family, his constituents…? One could only hope.

Actually, getting caught in all of this embarrassing stuff could work to his advantage if it produces repentance. Let’s pray that God produces repentance. Afterall, no one is beyond God’s grace as far as we can tell. We do not know whom God will redeem. Let’s pray for former Congressman Weiner.

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The Danger of Dispensationalism (Humor)

Dispensationalists get no respect in the blog world. What’s wrong with a little literal interpretation now & then, huh? One day I was walkin’ down the street and this guy asks me about hermeneutics. I say, “I don’t know no Herman from Utica. That’s upstate NY, I live in Jersey…”


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