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Monkey Business (Humor)

Sorry folks, apparently our new humorist only wants to monkey around. It’s been a zoo around here since we hired him. It looks like we’re back to the drawing board. Can you guys recommend a new humorist for Truthinator’s Blog? If you know someone who is funny & works really cheaply, let us know.


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Fresh Ideas Wanted (Plea for Help)

As the content administrator here at Truthinator’s Blog, I asked our chief creative consultant to come up with some fresh ideas for humor & satire content… Sometimes, it’s a zoo around here…

OK folks, this is your chance. Please comment if you have an idea for some content and I will follow up with you. You never know, you might just take the place of our creative¬†consultant…


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No Monkey Business (Humor)

Truthinator’s Blog has hired a new photographer. We hope the images used¬†for illustration of our Theological humor & satire bits will improve a step of two. This guy works for bananas and he promised no monkey business while on the job…


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