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The Elephant Room 2 (Satire)

Announcer: We’re in the studio with James McDonald talking about the Elephant Room 2. Let’s take a call from line 4. You’re on the air…

Caller:  Hi, this is your friend TD Jakes….uh, now I’m a Word of Faith preacher… uh, now I’m a prosperity author.

McDonald:  TD Jakes is calling from his Modal phone… and he can’t be 3 people at once.


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One Phone, 3 Manifestations (Satire)

“Hi girls, this your is Dad…now I’m Fred… now I’m the mailman”

Girl on right: Dad is on his Modal phone again…

Girl on left: Yeah, he just can’t be three people at once…


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Front Porch Theology (Humor)

Dean:  That cow poke in the bar called me a saboteur so I spit rock gut in his eye.

Ricky:  Cool off, Dean. What he called you is a Sabellian.

John:  Also known as Modalism…a heresy found in pentacostal circles. They believe God moves from one person to the next but does not exist simultaneously as Father, Son, and Spirit.

Dean:  Well now I’m really steamed because I’m a Wesleyan Arminian…

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