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Mega Shake (Humor)

Mega Shake (Humor)

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Add Your Own Punchline (Open Mike Time)


A funny thing happened at MegaChurch on Sunday…     (add a punchline in the comment section)


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Canonical Misfire (Satire)


Seekermergent Multi-Site, 3-Ring, Entertain-o-Rama, Megachurch Cross to Bear:

“Sha, dude, one of our t-shirt cannons malfunctioned…”


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Introducing: Relevant Rick’s Eye-segesis Brand Sunglasses (Satire)

Announcing Rick Warren’s own line of premium sunglasses. Eye-segesis brand sunglasses will cut through the glare you automatically drift into every time one of those Bible thumping preachers starts finding Jesus in every passage. Because everyone knows, the Bible is all about you! Don’t be taken as irrelevant by wearing those traditional shades… every Seekermergent needs a pair of Rick Warren’s Eye-segesis brand sunglasses. When you wear these babies, the Bible appears to say whatever is comfortable to YOU. Get yours today from any Seekermergent multi-campus megachurch lobby, new age bookstore, or Zondervan coffee house. Order by phone by calling 800-PIPER-SAYS-I’M-OK. Don’t get caught in your Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and flip flops next Sunday on the platform of your multi-campus megachurch preaching about uniting all faiths under one homogeneous umbrella without a pair of Relevant Rick’s own Eye-segesis brand sunglasses.  UBU!


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Preaching on Sin (Humor)

The preacher planned to preach on sin and thought it best to bring all of his belongings with him just in case…


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Multi-site Megachurch (A humorous look into a serious question)

Is this how God sees multi-site megachurches?

Baptist Greg asks this question and it is a good one. How does God view a multi-site megachurch? I believe the answer depends upon the substance of the church. Does it profess faith in Christ alone for salvation? Does it proclaim God’s word in totality? Does it care for the sick and needy? Does it send out Godly missionaries?

I believe we get a good idea about how God sees churches from Revelation 2 & 3. God commended the commendable and warned about the correctable. I believe we can all benefit from careful study of God’s word continually. Thanks to Baptist Greg for this material.

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2012 Humble Multi-site Megachurch Pastors Convention (Humor)

2012 Humble Multi-site Megachurch Pastors Convention


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Emergent Exegetical Preaching (Satire)

“All we are is just a…another brick in the wall.”


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Dude, I’m Way More Humble Than You (Satire)

 Two Emergent multi-site mega-church pastors argue about who is humbled more by his fame & success…


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Monty Python’s Flying Circus Church Plant Kit (Satire)

Thinking of starting a Circus Church plant? Having trouble connecting with the culture of your community? Let Monty Python’s Flying Circus Church Planting Kit do the work for you. You’ll live the life of Brian by following our guide to putting on a 3-ring circus in your church each and every week. Nothing is out of bounds. Each kit comes inside a replica can of Spam! We will show you how to connect with the worldly folks in your area by starting a Ministry of Silly Walks, Ministry of Silly Games, Ministry of Short Silly Sermons, and much, much more. This is the Holy Grail of church planting kits. You’ll show folks the meaning of life once you order Monty Python’s Flying Circus Church Planting Kit. Available from Zondervan, Christianity Today, or from any Emergent Church coffee shop & new age bookstore. Also available beside the Beltone hearing aid desk in the lobby of many evangelical megachurches across America! Get yours today…  (Spam & cheese not included)      


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