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Blessed Subtraction, the Vision is Mine… (Humor)


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Emergent Airlines (Satire)

“Tower, this is Emergent Airlines flight A29 from Seattle to Grand Rapids and it appears the airport is upside down. Please rotate immediately…”

When you’re Emergent, if you don’t like what you see, you can redefine it!


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Mark Driscoll Sees Things (Humor)

Young Mark Driscoll: I see gullible people…


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Stick a Fork in Mark Driscoll Because He is Done (Finished)


Mark Driscoll is what I consider to be out of his mind. The most recent thing I have seen tears it. For several years I have seen him do things on video and in print that were questionable. Now he has crossed farther over the line to the point of being rendered useless for the ministry, in my opinion.

He is apparently using divination and calling it discernment. He claims to see visual images in graphic detail. He claims that when he counsels and when he preaches he sees images of people doing all sorts of lewd and wicked things. He also claims to know things about the people that he counsels that the people themselves do not know.

Run from this guy. He has crossed a line. He is not sound. He is not doctrinal. He is not scriptural. He is not orthodox. He practices what I consider to be occult behavior. Why do I say this?

If he ‘saw things’ but recognized from scripture that people today that are Godly do not see things like this, he would beg God’s power to overcome this evil thing. Since he embraces it however, he is opening himself up to deceptive spirits that are not from God.

Does the Bible talk about people seeing things that others do not see? Yes. One type of person was either God’s prophet or Christ’s apostolic servant. Both of these jobs have been closed down since the first century. The other type of person that saw things others did not see and told folks about it were getting the information from demons. This is dangerous territory.

Another thing is that Driscoll seems to relish giving vivid detail about the lurid activities he sees during these episodes of his. I am afraid he enjoys the power and/or prestige he imagines himself to have.

Run, folks! This guy is dangerous. Sure, he teaches a pretty good lesson at times; however, the thing to keep in mind is that a man of God will be consistent. He will not teach truth most of the time and conduct divination occasionally.

If any of you are in Mark’s church, contact the leadership and get this guy some help. He is on the wrong track. Read your Bible and justify or condemn his behavior based upon what it teaches.

Watch the video to see him talk about ‘seeing’ things. Warning: there is a great deal of graphic sexual terms and situations discussed in the clip.

Thanks to, and others.


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Whom should we fear?

In these present days of man-centered dogma delegating what can and cannot be taught or preached in churches in America, I think a little cleansing is due. Let’s look at some teaching that is Biblical but not often taught: The fear of God. J. Randall Easter of Azle, TX brings this brief message about the fear of God. (Thanks to

But I will warn you whom to fear: fear him who, after he has killed, has authority to cast into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him! (Luke 12:5)

Fear is something that mankind deals with on several different levels.  Fear causes mankind to hide, rebel, lash out, slander, panic, and to be something that they really are not.  The fear of man is a great snare that binds men and constrains them to simply be tossed around by the greatest pressure.  Pressure comes from one side and they move the other way and then a greater pressure comes from the other side and they move the other way.  Unstable men are unstable in all their ways.  Jesus makes it clear who men are to fear.  It is not the government, the religious leaders of the day, the employer, or the influential people of the community they Jesus tells us to fear, but rather we are to fear God.  It is God and God alone who should cause mankind to tremble.  The fear of God is to affect the way that we speak, act, make decision, set priorities, establish goals, love our spouses, train our children, serve our churches, and live in our communities.

A healthy fear of God is what is greatly needed in our churches today and it is the very thing that will bring lost men to repentance.  Churches are filled with people pleasing, back patting, high-fiving; emotional babies who seek to make sure that the whole thing is about them.  Jesus says, “Fear him!”  Jesus says he will tell us who to fear and then he specifically shows that we had better fear the one who holds man’s eternal destiny in his hand.  Eternity! Eternity!  The word is filled with fear and it is filled with hope. Mankind will have to stand before this God some day.  Man will stand before the One who utters his voice and causes the earth to melt, who judges in righteousness and truth and who will not allow anything unclean to enter into his presence. 

Dearly beloved, meditate upon the Lord your God today and seek to have a right vision of him.  Examine your life and see how it is that you worship, pray, study Scripture, treat your spouse, train your children, and how you live in the world.  Are these areas of your life reflections of your fear of God?  What is the first thought that comes to your mind when a difficult situation comes your way?  What is your first area of refuge when trials come?  If you have a healthy fear of God, he will be the one who has the greatest effects upon you daily life in all these areas.

J. Randall Easter, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Briar, Azle, TX.

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Daily Truth Bible Study Acts 8:1-25 part 3

Bible Study Acts Salvation Doctrine Acts Bible Bible Bible Acts Acts ActsActs Acts

The Bible study text is from Acts 8:1-25. This is the third section dealing with this passage of scripture. We left off last time talking about a ‘conversion’ that was false. Simon the sorcerer wanted to get the goods but not the Savior. He wanted to increase his money-making skills and saw a chance to increase his personal following by manipulating God.

We know from scripture that Simon was renowned in his town. We know from historical writings that he was a Gnostic shaman. We also know from the way Peter treated him that Simon was not a true convert. Notice Peter did not rebuke him saying,”You are a Christian now, you should behave as someone who is redeemed by the blood of Christ.” Peter instead told him to repent of his wickedness and pray that God would forgive him. Peter also told Simon he was engulfed in bitterness and in the bondage of iniquity. These are hardly descriptors of someone who is redeemed but off the track.

The point is this. God is not mocked, fooled, or manipulated. As a matter of fact, it is God who saves by His divine will. God sovereignly chooses and refuses. I use the Old and New Testaments as my source for this information. God sovereignly chose some while rejecting others. Can I explain this to you fully? No, and neither can anyone else. God alone knows the depths of Himself.

We do know what the Bible teaches however. Do a search in your concordance for ‘election’, ‘selection’, ‘predetermination’, ‘called’, and ‘chosen’. You will find a world of information from scripture showing God’s sovereignty. 

Peter had great insight from God. He walked with the Lord and was given responsibility for fathering the first Christian people group (Church). We do not have such insight but we study God’s word. Jesus talked much about fruit and  fit. If a tree does not produce fruit or the right type of fruit (fit), something is wrong. What is the right type of fruit? Consistency more than inconsistency with the law of God and the life of Christ. Being conformed to the image of Christ is a sure sign of a transformed life.

What should we learn from the example of Simon? Christ transforms lives. We do not seek Christ, He seeks us. He saves us by His grace through faith. The preaching of God’s word produces conviction and repentence in the lives of those who are saved. It is not a money-making sceme to get involved in. 

Simon, much like the rich young ruler, did not want the real deal or the total package. It seems as though they preferred a man-designed system that could be manipulated and used for gain. Christ represents the end of self and enslavement to Christ. The way of Christ is narrow and only one gate (Jesus) leads to the way. This is the exclusive way to Heaven.    


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