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Irony (Sad Truth)

Irony (Sad Truth)


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Strange Fire (Observation)

Strange Fire (Observation)


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Elephant Room 3 (Satire)


The guest speakers for Elephant Room 3 began arriving in Elgin Illinois this morning…


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Elephant Room 25 (Satire & Opinion)

Fast Forward to 2035. Could this be possible? 

Elephant Room 25 Announcement “Please come to Chicago and join us as we celebrate along with our Wiccan, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Satanist, and New Catholic (formerly Reformed Protestant) brothers and sisters for a 3-day conference and love fest as we celebrate the collapse of the Protestant Reformation and the re-unification of the Roman Catholic Church!”

Opinion– Is this absurd? Of course it is. Is it possible? Quite frankly, yes it is. Is the Elephant Room helping it to happen? Yes.

Now, please follow me carefully. I am not saying that James McDonald is doing this purposely or that he is doing anything wrong intentionally. What I am saying is that what he is doing is a bad idea because it is not being done correctly.

Is it wrong to bring people together to discuss differences in belief? No. The problem I have with the Elephant Room concept is that once the discussion among people with great differences in belief is concluded, they imply that all is well and the differences are nothing to worry about. At least that is the idea being communicated. We just “agree to disagree” about some very large differences in approaches ranging from hyper-charismatic New Calvinism to charlatan, prosperity pragmatism, to Pentecostalism. These are very large differences and some of it cannot be even remotely backed up with scripture.

The failure of the Elephant Room concept in my opinion is not the discussion. It is the failure to identify the problematic beliefs, Biblically address them, and call people to repent of them.

So, if we continue to see people with widely divergent approaches to the practice of faith included under this umbrella of “agree to disagree”, the above humor bit could become a reality in the not so distant future.

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The Elephant Room 2 (Satire)

Announcer: We’re in the studio with James McDonald talking about the Elephant Room 2. Let’s take a call from line 4. You’re on the air…

Caller:  Hi, this is your friend TD Jakes….uh, now I’m a Word of Faith preacher… uh, now I’m a prosperity author.

McDonald:  TD Jakes is calling from his Modal phone… and he can’t be 3 people at once.


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The Problem With Elephants in the Room (Satire)

Q: Why is it a bad idea to have a conference where you ‘agree to disagree’ with Seekers, Emergents, Prosperity guys, Word Faithers, & Pentacostals?

A: Because you are giving an implied endorsement to some guys with troublesome baggage in their trunks…


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Daily Truth Bible Study Acts 11:1-30 part 2

Notice in verse 19 how believers had scattered to far away places as a result of the persecution that arose concerning Stephen’s ministry. Notice particularly that despite Stephen being killed by the Jewish religious leaders, the spreading of the good news of Jesus continued and increased! The scattering of some resulted in the Gospel being taught in new and different places. The work of God had not been halted, it had increased!

Notice also in verse 20 how it was the Lord Jesus that was being preached to the locals. It was not felt-needs, pop psychology, how to improve your sex life, prosperity now, or any other such madness. They were preaching the Lord Jesus. The result was that the hand of the Lord was with them and a great number believed and turned to the Lord (verse 21).

This is not the first time we have seen this formula (if we can call it that). The disciples of Jesus took His message to people and the Lord’s hand blessed this activity resulting in many believing and being saved. Wow, so simple yet so profound…why is this so hard to understand? Why do so many today put on entertainment extravaganzas each week to entertain men producing little if any lasting changes in their lives and call it ministry?

The book of Acts makes it amazingly simple and easy to understand. Faithful men preach the Lord Jesus to unbelievers. God blesses this activity. Many believe and are changed. Any questions?

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