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Bill & Ted’s Emergent Adventure (Humor)

Ted: Bill dude, if you hold 2012 upside down it says 5105.

Bill: That’s cool, Ted dude, and 5105 is close to 5150.

Ted: That’s right, Bill dude, and Van Halen has an album called 5150.

Bill: Excellent dude, do you know what that means?

Ted: Yeah, Van Halen will be headlining the Apocalypse, dude…

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You Might be a Lunatic (Humor)

” If you continue to predict the end of the world despite having been wrong on many previous occasions…. you might be a lunatic.”


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Harold Camping…Camping Out on a Limb (again)

An editorial by the Truthinator

All over the news you will see headlines claiming that Harold Camping was wrong again. Yes, he was indeed wrong. However, so is the news media and rabidly reformed people all over the ‘net.

I admit up-front that I am not a Harold Camping fan nor have I read very much of his claims. The little bit that I did read didn’t mention anything about the Rapture occurring on May 21. It said Judgement Day or End of Days or End of Time. I do not believe Camping mentioned the Rapture at all (at least in what I read). As a matter of fact, Camping spent a good number of years in reformed churches!

The rabidly reformed people are claiming this to be proof of the falseness of the belief in a rapture of the Church. Camping’s teachings do not lend themselves to what the Bible teaches in Revelation, Daniel, Matthew, or anyplace else in the Bible that I recognize.

Camping claimed that the end would come on May 21 and total destruction of everything would happen 5 months later. This is taught nowhere in the Bible. Even the reformed wing-nuts (and you know who you are) will admit this.

Dispensationalists believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible except where obvious hyperbole and symbolism are used. The Tribulation period of 7 years will be preceded by a Rapture of the Church. Christ will come back after the Tribulation and establish His Kingdom from an earthly perspective that will last 1000 years. Then there will be a final rebellion followed by the ultimate end of time as anyone on earth knows it.

Dispensationalists do not believe what I have read of Harold Camping’s teachings. Don’t fall for the rabidly reformed blogger’s claims that Camping’s failure destroys Dispensationalism. They need to get out of their parent’s basement and read their Bibles a little more closely.

Camping is a nut. Case closed. The media and many reformed basement bloggers need to do their homework. The Rapture does not equal Judgement Day or the End of Times.

Another good rule of thumb is to stay away from those who set dates. No one has ever been correct at attaching a date to any part of future things…


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Dispensational Thought for the Day #5 (part 3)

Dispensational Thought #5 (part 3) : The Rapture of the church is not mentioned by name in the Bible, so why do many people believe in it?

Please read parts 1 & 2 prior to this piece so that you will be up to speed on what we have discussed thus far. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Let’s dwell a bit upon the Church and her whereabouts during the tribulation. First off, yes, I believe there will  be a literal 7-year tribulation period. Why else would God communicate all of the information to John if He were not serious about it? To spiritualize the book of the Revelation to the point of rendering it meaningless is a grave and dangerous error. And another thing, the events of the tribulation period have not occurred before upon this earth. Please do not get caught up in spiritual mystery novels & religious science fiction. The Bible is to be taken literally unless it is obviously speaking in hyperbole or metaphor.

God mentions protecting the Church (Philadelphia) from the ‘hour of trial’ that will come upon the entire earth. Many believe the letters to the churches represent not only literal churches that actually existed but also types of ages that the Church will go through. Some may argue against this tack but, even if this method is not the correct way to deal with the material concerning the letters to the churches, there remains throughout the Bible adequate reason to support the rapture of God’s Church prior to the tribulation period. 

So where is the Church? In chapter4, John gets translated into Heaven to watch the events of the end unfold. Some have claimed that this represents the rapture but it does not. The act of John getting translated into Heaven was exactly that. He gets taken into Heaven to see the events that will unfold before him. Last time, I mentioned that when he gets there, he sees a great multitude dressed in white robes and is told that these were taken out of great tribulation (Rev 7). Similar Greek wording for ‘taken out’ is used for how these people get to Heaven as compared to the wording for the church of Philadelphia’s being kept from the hour of great trial back in chapter 3. The people in chapter 7 are most likely people who are saved and martyred during the tribulation period. These people made a transition from living on earth to living in Heaven. The similar wording with chapter 3 would suggest that the chapter 3 people made a transition as well.

Notice in chapters 4 & 5 when John goes into Heaven, he sees 24 elders worshipping God. When the Lamb of God (Jesus) appears to open the title deed to God’s Creation, the elders worship Him and sing a song of redemption to Him. Notice in chapter 5 how they sing that Jesus has redeemed them with His blood. Exactly whom has Jesus redeemed with His blood. ONLY THOSE WHO ARE SAVED a.k.a. the Church. No one can sing a song of personal redemption except those who are personally redeemed. This represents the Church being in Heaven at the time that John arrives to witness the events of the end.

This group cannot be redeemed Israel since the nation is not yet redeemed. The tribulation saints are yet to be mentioned (chapter 7). Since there is no mention of the Church anywhere else in Revelation during the tribulation period, the 24 elders must represent the complete body of the redeemed that were taken into Heaven prior to the beginning of the tribulation period.

So, this area of scripture tells us about the Church’s location during the tribulation. Chapter 7 talks about the sealing of 144,000 of the tribes of the children of Israel in order for them to be able to do God’s work during the tribulation period. Next, the tribulation martyrs are mentioned. So, if the church is still on earth, where is she mentioned? Nowhere. There is no reason at all to believe that the Church will ride out the tribulation on earth. The church will be otherwise occupied singing redemption’s song before the throne of God!

The entire Bible is a book about redemption. God has redeemed those who are saved via grace through faith in Christ. To think that God would allow His Church, the body of Christ, to ride out the tribulation period on earth with no mention of any type of protection mechanism or discussion of her duties or transition into Heaven is absurd. I am sorry but that is the truth. Please do not get caught up into fantasy stories about how this group is really another group and this time is really another time and this filter has to be used here and that filter has to be used there and so on… Just read the Bible and understand it as it was written! Praise God for his word!

Join me next time for more discussion.

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Noah’s Ark has been found?

It was reported yesterday that Noah’s Ark has been found at about 13,000 feet of elevation on Mt. Ararat in Turkey. Could this be true? My response may surprize you but I say, who knows and does it really matter?

Why such a response? Because it really makes no difference to the world spiritually whether it has been found or not. Are you saved? Do you believe there was an actual ark built by Noah that came to rest on a mountain? Of course you do. Will the unsaved suddenly believe in Christ if Noah’s Ark is found? No, because faith is not intellectually derived. Follow me.

I have read, heard , and said some dumb and immature things in my days. I once thought that if a celebrity such as Elvis had been saved and became an evangelist that many would have been saved. The truth is, no more or less would have been saved because a person’s celebrity has a lot to do with drawing a crowd but nothing to do with changing a life from eternally dead to living.

The Bible says there is enough proof in God’s creation that all men are without excuse for not believing in Him (Romans 1:20). The Bible also says that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus. This faith comes from hearing the word of God (Ephesians 2:8-9; Romans 10:17) not from intellectual stimulation.

Remember the parable about the rich man and Lazarus? The rich man begs for someone to be sent back from the dead to witness to his family for them to avoid going to hell. He is told that his family has the writings of Moses and the prophets for testimony and that they would not change even if someone went back from the dead (Luke 16). That is just not how God’s plan works. 

Would it be cool to actually see the boat built by Noah? You bet. Could this mean we are nearing the end? Maybe. What it does not mean however is that we can slack up in telling people the truth about what the Bible teaches. We must continue to teach God’s word because this is how He gives faith: through the hearing of His word.


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