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Tel-Lectio Divina (Humor)

We pray you will contemplate using Tel-Lectio Divina Communications the next time you want a new revelation from God. Just meditate on the possibilities! The next time someone tries to fence you in with truth from the Bible, just dial direct for a new & different interpretation that will match your own flesh’s desires. Tel-Lectio Divina Communications is a favorite of Roman Catholic mystics, evangelical protholics, and Emergents alike. Afterall, all roads lead to God…whomever he or she might be! Tel-Lectio Divina is recommended by Popes John Paul II, Benedick, Warren, McLaren, and the list goes on.

Sold in RC monasteries & Emergent Church coffee houses throughout the world. You will also find us located beside the Beltone hearing aid desk in the lobby of most American churches. Dial 666 to get an outside line and proudly proclaim “Dei Verbum” to all of your post-modern friends…


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American Nero (Satire)


Nero watches 3D movies & listens to secular music in Emergent Churches across the country as America burns to reunite with Rome…

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No Services on Christmas Day (Opinion)

It seems like the “No Service on Christmas Day” thing is trendy in some areas this year. Afterall, what does the birth of Christ and worshipping Him as our Lord have to do with Christmas anyway?

The fact that Christmas Day falls on Sunday is causing some turmoil this year. Is this a sign that the apocalypse is upon us? No, but it could send a dangerously revealing message to the world about what Christianity in America is really made of. Follow me.

The idea that Christmas is a celebration of friends, family, and fun is all around us. I saw a DVD movie where the tagline said something along the lines of  “celebrate the real meaning of Christmas with (movie title) as they share their love with family & friends exchanging gifts and enjoying delicious meals”.  

Watch the news, sitcoms, dramas, or look at any advertising material and you will soon notice this common theme. The “true meaning of Christmas” has changed from the incarnation of God to enjoying family and friends. Certainly celebrating with family and friends is a fine thing to do. However, to replace God with a new god of our own making is not.

Celebrating God at Christmas does not exclude the enjoyment of family and friends. As a matter of fact, when God is honored in proper obedience, other aspects of this human existence can become even more enjoyable and fulfilling.

What does the shift in the real meaning of Christmas say about us as a society? Sadly, I believe it reveals who we actually are. It unmasks our piety. We are more concerned about our enjoyment is one takeaway but the more important revelation of this new emphasis on ourselves is that it reveals that we really do not care that much about God.

If we were really a Christian nation, we would pack out any service at any time in order to worship Emmanuel. Am I correct? I fear I am. How about you. Will you have time to worship this Christmas?


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Castro Gets it Right About Obama and the Nobel Farce

Fidel Castro lauds Nobel prize for Obama Sat Oct 10, 2009 10:45am EDT (Reuters)

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro lauded the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to U.S. President Barack Obama, saying on Saturday it was “a positive measure” that was more a criticism of past U.S. policies than a recognition of Obama’s accomplishments.

Castro said the prize made up for the blow Obama suffered last week when the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2016 Summer Games to Rio de Janeiro after Obama had flown to Copenhagen to pitch for Chicago, his adoptive hometown. The Nobel Committee announced on Friday that Obama had won the peace price for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

Op-Ed: It is very sad for Castro to get it right and the US media to get it all wrong! Look at the first paragraph where Fidel Castro says that the Nobel prize was more about “a criticism of past US policies than Obama’s accomplishments”. Have you heard this from the state media in the US? Probably not. I haven’t. It is the truth, however. Obama is a laughing stock around the world. Everyone gets it but the US.

It is a sad, sad day when we have to look to Castro for the truth…

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