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2012 “30 Pieces of Silver Award” Announcement

The board, staff, and volunteers of Truthinator’s Blog voted for the most ridiculous & totally off-point Easter sermon that we could find in order to award a 30 Pieces of Silver prize. What we noticed is that no single sermon stood out but that many sermons seemed to be very similar to each other.

We have decided to award the dubious honor not to a preacher but to a category. And the winner is…………….

The “Jesus rose from the grave so you could have better ___________” type of sermon. Yes, this type of sermon appeared far too frequently. You can fill in the blank with almost anything because there were some wild ideas exhibited but you can sum it up by saying that many preachers taught that Jesus rose to make our lives better today by allowing us to have better marriages, powerful financial portfolios, and enjoyment of life here on earth.

While some folks will have these things since following the teachings of Christ tends to allow a person to avoid the pitfalls of wasteful and destructive behavior, this is by no means why Christ rose from the grave on Resurrection Day. Not only that but Jesus promised His disciples they would receive persecution and death. He didn’t mention new cars, positive cash flow, or satisfying sex lives.

Belonging to God means being His servant. Life is not about what we can get or how long we can hang onto it. People who are obedient to God sometimes get tragically cut off from life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Temporal things always take a backseat to eternal things. God made Christ who knew no sin to become sin in our place so we could become the righteousness of God in Him. No mention of a Lexus.

Jesus rose on the third day just like He said. That is reason enough for people who are saved to celebrate. Saved people do not need fire-breathing dramatists, scantily clad dancers, 120 decibel guitar riffs, and the like to get excited about the resurrection. You need those things to get people into church who would rather not be there…


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