EC goat herder, Rob Bell, says the gospel isn’t working…

I saw a clip recently of Rob Bell who is a ‘guru’ of the new way of ‘doing church’ and who is looked at as a hero by many young people and students training for the ministry. He was berating a guy who was street preaching using a bullhorn and challenging people to repent because the wages of sin are death and hell (Biblical as far as I can remember). Rob says, “People were not stopping to talk and were not taking brochures from the bullhorn guy so, therefore, the gospel isn’t working.”

Now, to encapsulate what Rob means and what much of the ‘new way of doing church’ is all about, we can call this pragmatism. The central tenet of pragmatism is ‘if you see results, you are successful’.

 Let me count the errors with this mentality…

 1. Who defines what constitutes results? Us or God… What we see happening must be interpreted by what the Bible says not by what we ‘feel’.

 2. Is it what people want that matters? If I handed out cocaine on the street I would then be successful because many people stop to take what I am offering but because I offer the Gospel and no one stops to take it then I am unsuccessful and the Gospel no longer works…?

3. What is the timeframe for how quickly these results must occur to be considered as ‘successful’?  Does anyone remember God telling Joshua to lead the people of Israel around Jericho once per day for six days and … No results were seen until after the final march on the 7th day. Does that mean that God’s plan was not working on the 4th day? Of course not. God’s plan was completed when they marched for the 7th time on the 7th day.

No need to continue. Rob goes on to say that the only way that ‘works’ is for churches to give the people what they want… Some points from the Bible come to mind about the natural mind and the desires of the wicked…

Hey, didn’t Robert Schuler come up with the idea of asking people what they want from their church…?

We are only successful when we are popular with the world is what Rob was saying. That brings to mind a parable taught by Jesus about a narrow path and a broad road…both are labeled “Heaven” but only one leads there…

God instructed us to take His word to the world. There are many ways of doing this and using a bullhorn is only one. Do not focus on the bullhorn; focus upon being faithful to truthfully representing ALL of God’s word and He will see it through.

How do you define success?


3 responses to “EC goat herder, Rob Bell, says the gospel isn’t working…

  1. Constitution Girl

    March 20, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    Very true. I saw that video when it first came out, and my first thought was “GO BULLHORN GUY!” 😀

    “church” these days isn’t church, it’s a smorgasbord! Pick and ‘choose’ what you want. (cue groans)

    • Truthinator

      March 20, 2012 at 11:32 pm

      Groan indeed… 😦

  2. anitameg2014

    July 25, 2014 at 5:45 pm

    I would like to ask what other religion on the face of the planet defines itself according to what the rest of the world wants it to be. Normally, you have to go through weeks, if not months of initiation to prove yourself a worthy adherent to whichever god you want to accept you.

    Far out! Even the freemasons have an elaborate set of ‘tests’ for the ‘seeker’ to their religion. In fact, and this is a point that even advertisers and marketers acknowledge, the more exclusive something is, the more you want it, because then if you get it, you think it’s special, and so are you.

    This isn’t about giving people what they want at all. That is a huge fat lie. This is about unscrupuous moral cowards making their living off the backs of disengaged and disillusioned christians who want more than anything to have their ears tickled and their backs scratched. It’s an entertainment package, a day spa and a motivational seminar rolled into one.

    You know, come to think of it, I would be happy to spend 10% of my gross income to get something like that. It’s a shame that eternal life isn’t part of the deal.


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