Acts 11: 1-30 Part 1

Daily Truth Bible Study Acts 11: 1-30 Part 1

Thank you for joining in for another Bible study session. Chapter 11 begins with Jewish believers confronting Peter after he had returned from his visit to the home of Cornelius. These Jewish believers questioned Peter about his going to Gentiles and eating with them. This had been a big taboo under Jewish law but it was changing. Peter explained to them what had happened both in his vision from God and during his trip to the home of Cornelius. He explained how he had been shown that nothing was unclean that God had cleansed and that the Holy Spirit had been given to Gentile believers just like He had been given to Jewish believers.

This was not only new information for these Jews; this marked a monumental change in the way life was to be lived for them. They were now to welcome Gentiles as brothers. It is difficult to bring a comparison of this magnitude of change to mind easily. They were doubtlessly shocked. However, look at how they responded. Verse 18 says when they heard the words of Peter, they became silent (while they considered these things) and then gave glory to God realizing that He had given repentance to life to the Gentiles.

Many times, preachers and teachers will use this text as a diving board to go into a speech about social justice and receiving those who are different from us into our social circles. This is not the message here. We should be willing to receive others who are saved into Christian fellowship without condition but that is not the message of Acts 11. What we learn here is that when Christians are confronted with God’s truth shedding light upon their lack of adherence to it, they yield to God’s truth and glorify Him for giving them illumination.

We do not change God’s word to fit our preconceived notions nor to make it fit into our working ministry machine. We conform to God’s word; we do not conform God’s word to our preferences. A good question to be asked today is, “Who is in control?” The current evangelical church in America must ask itself if it is its own self-contained entity with sovereign governance or is God real thus reserving governance of His Church for Himself. The Bible says that God is building His Church and the very gates of hell will not prevail against it. I suggest we consider this as the Jewish believers considered Peter’s message from God.

Please join us next time for part 2 of this section of God’s word. May God bless the study of His word.


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