Is Jesus the only way to Heaven?

Jesus Isn’t the Only Way? Aug 03 by Sam Guzman

The Episcopal church has long been toeing the line of apostasy, and in several cases, has outright crossed it. Now some liberal Episcopalians are downright denying that Jesus is the only way, twisting the definition of grace to mean that God accepts the whole world, regardless of what individuals believe about Jesus.  How tragic it is when the exclusive nature of salvation through Christ alone is denied to uproarious applause. Thank God that he always has a remnant, in this case, conservative Episcopalians who are sickened by this.


Robert Schuler made a career at teaching the heresy that Jesus is not/may not be the only way to Heaven. Billy Graham said he dogmatically taught that Jesus was the only way when he was younger but now he thinks only God knows and would have to decide (my paraphrase). The Emerging Church vehemently denies the Bible can even be understood much less believed. Joel Osteen and Rick Warren (and others) twist the truth until there is just feel-good mishmash and no truth.

There are some letters to some churches in the Revelation. It would serve us well to read them occasionally. Our preacher spoke about the sovereignty of God two weeks ago. He used, imagine this, the Bible as his source. People applauded at the conclusion of the sermon. When is the last time you heard a sermon that warranted applause?

The Bible is very direct about this subject. Jesus is THE way and the ONLY way. It is not veiled, subjective, or implied. There is no getting around this fact unless you deny the word of God. Why is this so difficult?


2 responses to “Is Jesus the only way to Heaven?

  1. Waldy Loeween

    March 21, 2013 at 10:06 am

    I think you may be guilty of a little hubris, or perhaps simply lacking in knowledge of history. Your certainty about the paramount importance of faith, and the need for the correct faith in the correct god, is curious, when you consider the fact that much of the current theology about who Christ was, came about by the insistence of the emperor Constintine in the 4th century to come to some consensus on topic.

    After this, it was not until after the Reformation that, what you believed became more important than observing the practices of the Catholic Church.

    You seem to find it necesary to believe the simplistic faith you were raised in is God’s final word on who he loves and finds acceptable. If it helps you spread Jesus message of love and tolerance, then God bless. If it motivates you to do battle with people who are obviously carrying out the biblical imperative of “caring for the least of these”, then you are on the wrong side of the battle between good and evil.

  2. Truthinator

    March 21, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    Waldy, the Apostles who spent time with Jesus in the flesh and after His resurrection seemed to be under the impression that He was the only way to Heaven. I think you may be guilty of a little unbelief? Emergence? Carrying out the Bible’s imperative to care for others outside of faith in Christ alone as described in scripture is the ultimate hubris, my friend, since you then are creating a new way to Heaven that God apparently did not know about, right?

    Thanks for visiting and for commenting. If you think this post is alarming, try reading the Bible. You will really come unglued then… 🙂


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