2 responses to “cartoonchurchchristmas

  1. Ann

    December 24, 2014 at 7:16 am

    Funny thing here, the western church, how we are coerced into giving tithes and offerings to the local organization, for its buildings, landscaping, fancy signs, well stocked libraries with the latest books penned by man, coffee machines a brewing and donuts and pastries galore, the Christmas trees decorated with the finest gold and silver and tons of candy passed out after every Christmas pageant, velvety padded pews with plenty of air conditioning units so we don’t become uncomfortable and sweat (that bill alone is someone’s annual income), and the latest and greatest in technology to attract the crowds with little or no attention span…….meanwhile, our brothers and sisters in Christ are struggling to make ends meet in providing food for the table, paying utility bills, purchasing necessities for their children, many are sick and could use some genuine godly love or perhaps help with meals, and the most important aspect of any believer’s life…….

    They are not receiving the love, the encouragement, the edification and exhortation, the building up of their faith in Jesus Christ on a daily basis from those of us who know and live Jesus every day. We spend volumes painting the white washed tombs and we spend volumes on “the pride of this life” in making ourselves appear so great the wonderful to the masses – self aggrandizement, and yet, where is Jesus in all of this?

    Perhaps we are now called to give directly to those in need practicing Matthew 6, for the western churches have become the leeches of the corporate ladder. Jesus blood was shed for whom?

  2. Truthinator

    December 28, 2014 at 2:46 am

    Well said and I agree that direct giving is best in many if not most cases today. Sad but true. So many are hurting today. So many need our help. Continue to life them up. Pray that God will supply.


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