A Well-Made Point & Something to Think About

23 May

[Note: This is copied from a post by a Christian lady who has been involved in Christian ministry for some time now. She knows about what she speaks having seen the good, bad, and ugly of the evangelical ministry machine firsthand. Please remember that context is important when considering someone’s opinion piece. For more information on the background of her subject in this piece, Google the recent happenings in The Gospel Coalition & Tullian Tchividjian’s response to them. Thank you]

This status may be controversial. I was going to write it as a blog post, but the blog isn’t the right venue. After reading about Tullian leaving the misnamed Gospel Coalition, it just hit me. I have said in the past that a lot of these ministries and churches should pull the plug as they have become a mockery of Christ. Not Christianity, Christ. Yesterday, it hit me full force. It’s all wrong. Not some of it. All of it.


1.) Since when did we need a “Gospel Coalition” when churches were supposed to be doing the job? Disband. Shut down your Twitter. Go away.

2.) Why are international celebrity pastors of giant, jumbo, super, mega, giga churches in some far flung place the final word on things for Christians? What happened to Pastor Bob with a suit from Penney’s who drives a Dodge Caravan and loves his wife and kids? No “team”, no publicity shots, just Pastor Bob who cares and studies to prepare a good sermon on Sunday while praying for and serving his flock?

3.) Why in the name of common sense are these idiotic conferences being held every 2 weeks with the airbrushed Twittiots of the evangelical and Reformed world slobbering all over each other on stage? You look like pervs with your mutual pleasuring societies. Get a life. Get a job, guys. Nobody needs you and your latest book ghost written by some guy in his basement anyway. You can’t even protect kids in your churches from porno pervert pastors and you cover up for them for years when you do find out. You have NOTHING to say to me or my family. 

4.) Why are people ripping the hair from each others heads over doctrines like “sanctification”? LOLOL! “I’m going to stab you with my Five-Point pitchfork. You’ve been spreading the leaven of LUTHER around. You must die!” Way to go, guys. Meanwhile you’re helping cover up sex abuse for one of your cronies. What doctrine justifies that again?

It’s all wrong. We don’t need Gospel Coalitions, multi-million dollar churches and Studly pastors of Great Fame. I’m turning it off. Shutting you out. You no longer exist to me. As a point of interest, none of my kids wants anything to do with it all. You’ve made yourself irrelevant, boys, your little celebrity machine that exists to keep itself going. Cash those checks, line up that next conference, plot that next stunningly profound tweet. Real Christians are out weeding their gardens, loving their neighbors and speaking out for the voiceless like the Savior did. And now I have to go do something far more important than your silly coalitions and task forces do. Laundry.  –Anonymous Christian Lady

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  1. Simon

    October 15, 2014 at 4:30 am

    Love this post:)


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