Purpose Driven Church Growth? (Satire)

11 May

Purpose Driven Church Growth? (Satire)


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2 responses to “Purpose Driven Church Growth? (Satire)

  1. Ann

    May 12, 2014 at 9:13 am

    It is my oberservation that Christians criticize and condemn the Islamic mosques as they are literally cultural centers for that people group. We, in the Christian west create church buildings complete with all of the condiments of our culture as well and dare to point the finger at another world religion.
    And when God, the Holy Spirit, calls an individual out of these cultural church centers, the double mindedness and hyprocrisy can be easily seen from the outside rather from the brainwashing taking place within. Man has attached a “gimmic” to the ministry in order to entice the masses for quite some time, ie. “having showtime basketball performers coming to our summer Bible School Programs,”, “having a magician come to our Halloween/Harvest party for the costumed children begging for more games, candy, and entertainment,” “having a guest speaker come in and entertian us with his stand up christian (?) comedy act because we need to “lighten up” (for some reason I cannot find in my Word where Jesus and His Disciples/Apostles entertained the masses with laughs-I guess the salvation of lost souls isn’t serious business,”, and the rank materialism/religion for profit schemes in collecting money for nonsense (like tons of candy for overweight children)”,; all of this is just way over the top and where is Jesus Christ in all of this where sound teaching is so desperately needed in a nation where hearts are waxing colder and colder?

    Are we not like spoiled children, seriously here, whose hearts are ungrateful and the desire for more religious junk has replaced the teachings of the simplicity of Jesus Christ?

    Is our Heavenly Father really that impressed with the things we have made with our human hands and minds? The terms naked, blind, and poor come to mind as we seek to humbly worship our King, Jesus Christ in spirit and truth. Father, have mercy on us, I pray.

    • Truthinator

      May 12, 2014 at 2:40 pm

      Bravo! Very well said. Nothing to add to that… Thanks.


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