Love Notes

30 Apr

This is a fantastic article about what is really important from the perspective of a Christian woman. Check out the Hope Blog if you have not already.

The Hope Blog

love I know the world and our nation and what calls itself “Christianity” are all in bad shape. I get that. Believe me. But that’s why appreciating the good things is so important. That’s a common theme here at the Hope Blog.

Little moments make up our lives. Lots of them. Some are tragic, some are filled with grief or anger or sadness, but the ones I want to write about are filled with the best life has to offer.

One such moment happened two nights ago. In a rare evening of free time, my husband crashed on the couch, feet up, just relaxing. He was wearing my favorite fleece shirt, because up here in Wisconsin, it’s still chilly. Emmy calls it his “huggy” shirt. That’s exactly what it is. Seeing him, I could not resist joining him, and then Emmy did.

“I want to share Daddy, too,” she said.


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