Blood Moon has left the building… (Humor)

15 Apr

Blood Moon has left the building... (Humor)


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2 responses to “Blood Moon has left the building… (Humor)

  1. Ann

    April 16, 2014 at 9:57 am

    Good one Truthinator! Maybe my thoughts are incorrect here as it seems to me, being around what is called the christian community nowdays, that TBN, God TV, The Dove Awards and the worshipping/idolizing of what are called christian musicians, the myriads of books, cd’s and dvd’s, basically all of the materialism (T shirts, wall hangings, jewelry, fish icons on vehicles, etc., etc., etc.,- the jesus junk is legion), what is called christian radio with its secularist quotes inbetween the musical selections-this is how I became familiar with Peter Drucker beliefs!……..

    basically, all of the visual forms of what appears to be western chrisitanity,

    and yet, I see a famine in the land of true biblical discipleship of our LORD Jesus Christ. With all of man’s venues of promoting a veneer of a chrisitanity that basically worships man//people/the things of this world rather than preaching Christ and a life of self denial, is it any wonder that people have lost their first love, Jesus, and Him alone?

    I miss the small, humble church of my youth, where the organist didn’t have her degree in music/entertainment playing a wrong note once in awhile, and Jesus was the leader of our worship, not a team of performers; where the message preached was out of the Bible verse upon verse with no cute little stories about how great the pastor and his family were/are; where “big name preachers/cd’s/books/etc. were not promoted, in fact I never heard of any lifted up above the name of Jesus, and where Biblical character was taught and promoted, meaning I witnessed actual humility and repentance in the form of broken consciences and the words “I am sorry for what I did to you” have all but become extinct nowdays in this entitlement generation (yes, there are many old folks with this sinful condition as well) and the love for the LORD and His chosen people (that is us when born of the Spirit) really mattered.

    Is it any wonder today that those who call themselves christians trust in and obey every word of the wolves in sheep’s clothing? When the Word of God leaves the church, Jesus has dusted off His feet.

    • Truthinator

      April 17, 2014 at 5:46 am

      Great observation. I miss those things too. Thank you for commenting.


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