Silly Seeker Ideas (Satire)

13 Feb

Silly Seeker Ideas (Satire)


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4 responses to “Silly Seeker Ideas (Satire)

  1. Ann

    February 17, 2014 at 10:36 am

    I attended a chrisitan (??????) songfest with some friends who thought they were “witnessing” to me in getting me to attend this spectalur event with them. What I observed was this:

    1) celebrity bands wearing this kind (the air conditioned cotton jean look as shown above) of dress attire in addition to other bizarre clothing attire!

    2) tatooes galore, in addition to getting your own personal tatoo for pay in the “chrisitan junk tent.”

    3) booth after booth selling greasy junk food to the masses when in reality, the majority was clearing suffering from obesity! Unbelievable spectacle.

    4) the sound system was so loud, I left the concerts at the end of the evening with my head literally ringing with a migrane headache keeping me awake most of the night.

    5) the last band of the evening closed the so called chrisitan fest with two songs from Elvis Presley fashioning the tightest jeans I have ever witnessed on a man.

    6) and my most embarrassing and ashamed moment was when one of my very own children came up to our group and was laughing about a young man who fell in the “mosh pit” and was trampled resulting in a painful broken arm and an emergency hospital visit. And to disgrace our LORD Jesus Christ, our young people love, brag about, and actually believe the mosh pit is a move from god.

    I am truly sorry Truthinator, but these popular song fests, I mean, idol fests are but money making, celebrity seeking, and selfish promotion of the narcisstic self of man. What an abomination to our LORD JESUS CHRIST!

    • Truthinator

      February 22, 2014 at 5:59 am

      Thank you, Ann, for informing me about this idol fest experience. I had no idea. I am a veteran of many Christian music events but none in the past 20 years so I have missed out on the “progress” Christians have made in becoming indistinguishable from the world…

      Music is just one of the ways that Christians are sadly now no different from the world. While I don’t think it is wrong to hold music festivals in the Christian genre, it is quite telling what the festivals choose to emulate from the world instead of seeking to make a mark of decency and distinction from the world.

      The mosh pit thing is demonic in my opinion. It embodies the aspects of the pagan’s actions when they sought to please their gods in the Old Testament.

      Thank you for continuing to read and comment on this blog. I sincerely appreciate it and my readers are edified. God bless.

  2. Ann

    February 17, 2014 at 10:42 am

    And I want to add, precious reader…….there was NO Bible preaching or teaching and NO GOSPEL OF REPENTANCE AND FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST FOR THE REMISSION OF SINS at this songfest whatsoever.

    So now, when I hear bragging and boasting from those around me concerning their attendance at these mass gatherings, a question that comes to mind is this, “Are the “whatsoevers” performing at this event too?

    Guess you have to be “cool” in the present day church system of worshipping man. Perahps Jesus is still knocking on the door trying to get our attention? My heart grieves.

    • Truthinator

      February 22, 2014 at 6:07 am

      Right. This is one of my main gripes about the current style of Christian music. While some of it is steeped in scripture and promotes proper understanding of the attributes of God, much of it if not most is just feel-good “what I think” and “what I feel” music.

      Also, when there is no definition of terms through preaching and teaching of scripture, the somewhat ambiguous words in the songs can mean anything the hearer wants them to mean.

      It riles me to hear Christian radio use the tagline “the message is in the music” are totally missing the absurdity of that statement. When there is no preaching or teaching, people make up their own spirituality.

      And people feel spiritual for attending such events… That is very telling as well. Thanks.


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