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The Emergent Bakery (Animated Parody)


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Introducing the Emergent Bible (Animated Parody)


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A Trip to the Emergent Bank (Video Humor)

A Trip to the Emergent Bank

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Doin’ Time (Humor/Wake Up Call)

Man: So, why are you here?

Lady: I sang a real hymn in church, not one of those remade in the Emergent style du jour. You?

Man: I’m an independent blogger who dared post an opinion without the approval of the evangelical media police…


Why does the Truthinator think this post is appropriate? First, I used the line about the lady being in trouble for singing a hymn that had not been reworked into the trendy Emergent style as a quick jab at the continuing slide toward irrelevancy of the Emergent philosophy, how this philosophy is overtaking evangelicalism, and to set up the rest of this humor/satire piece.

Second, The meat of this piece is the independent blogger getting imprisoned for daring to have an opinion without getting it approved by the large box preachers and author/speakers of evangelicalism. I have heard sermons, interviews, and read articles from several large box preachers, authors, and public speakers representing evangelicalism who come down really hard against independent bloggers.

Before I go further, let me say that all bloggers need to do their research before writing, humorizing, or satirizing. This should go without saying but I will say it anyway. We should not take a “shoot, ready, aim” approach to discernment blogging.

Having said that, the large box guys have no authority to suggest that “only certain approved people should be blogging” and that the rest of us should be relegated to reading their “approved” content. This is beyond ridiculous and I have heard it suggested by several of the big name guys. This sounds more like Roman Catholicism of yesteryear than reformation Protestantism.

I fear the big name guys do not want to be opposed as they continue to slowly slide into accommodation of the left-wing of evangelicalism in the name of tolerance, inclusivism, and ecumenicalism. Why should they care if thousands of responsible people do their homework and blog about current events inside Biblical Christianity?

We need a gut check, folks. There are some people with huge followings who are behaving in a most curious manner. Continue to study and inform, bloggers. The truth should be proclaimed regardless of whether is steps on the toes of the evangelical elite…


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Talking Dog (Humor) long, but worth the time…

A man drove past a farm on his way to work each morning. One day, there was a sign that said, “Talking Dog For Sale”. The man’s curiosity got the best of him so he stopped to talk to the farmer to see what was really going on.

The farmer greeted the man and called the dog which came running over from the barn. “Can this dog really talk”, asked the man? “Why, yes, I can said the dog.” The man was stunned. The dog went on to tell the man about his travels throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. He also told of how he studied philosophy and earned degrees at Cambridge, Harvard, and Oxford. Thoroughly impressed, the man turned to the farmer and asked how much the dog would cost to purchase.

“I’ll take $10”, said the farmer. “Ten dollars? That’s it?” asked the man in surprise,  “You only want $10 for such an animal?” “Yeah”, said the Farmer, “He lies, he hasn’t even finished 6th grade yet and he’s never left the county…”



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King of Contemporary P&W (Humor)

Hank:  Did you boys hear all of that racket & commotion this morning at church? It was like a bomb went off on the stage, I tell you what…

Dale:  Hank, that is what we contemporary worshippers call praise &
worship music.

Bill:  I kind of liked it when the guitar player set his guitar on fire while he played the solo to     In-A-Godda-Da-Vida.

Boomhauer:  I tell you what, man, that ol’ boy, he played that, boom! …that wuz good stuff.


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The Wizard of Oz Church (Humor)











The seekers find the true source of the multimedia assault on the senses that we know by the name Emergent Church…

Thanks to Baptist Greg for suggesting this photo be used in a humor bit.


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Motley CRU (Humor)

Yo, dudes, God loves you & has a wonderful plan for your lives…


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Preaching on Sin (Humor)

The preacher planned to preach on sin and thought it best to bring all of his belongings with him just in case…


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Happy Mother’s Day

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