Relevance Ear (Humor & Satire)

15 Dec

Doctor:  “Yes, I’ve seen this condition before. I call it Relevance Ear. It happens when churches raise the volume level of the praise & worship music by as much as 50% to appear cool to the 20-somethings they are chasing after. The only effective treatment is to attend the traditional service while you still have one…”

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  1. Ear Language

    January 12, 2012 at 10:45 am

    from USA Thinking
    sydney’s desk
    Television stations raise the volume fifty per cent when regular programming moves
    to commercial, hoping to reach your ears when you leave the room. The psychology
    of this process is based on a human’s willingness to be abused, annoyed and irritated
    into negative thinking. We see evidence of this growing in politics and films of loud violence
    distributed through corporate America into all foreigh countries, not for peace, but for profit.


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