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A Seminal Work (Humor)

Indian: Why you say ’em book of Romans written by Indian and not Paul, pale face?

Pilgrim: I’m sorry, you misunderstood me. I said Romans was a seminal work not a Seminole work…

Happy Thanksgiving from Truthinator’s Blog


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The Elephant Room 2 (Satire)

Announcer: We’re in the studio with James McDonald talking about the Elephant Room 2. Let’s take a call from line 4. You’re on the air…

Caller:  Hi, this is your friend TD Jakes….uh, now I’m a Word of Faith preacher… uh, now I’m a prosperity author.

McDonald:  TD Jakes is calling from his Modal phone… and he can’t be 3 people at once.


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The Problem With Elephants in the Room (Satire)

Q: Why is it a bad idea to have a conference where you ‘agree to disagree’ with Seekers, Emergents, Prosperity guys, Word Faithers, & Pentacostals?

A: Because you are giving an implied endorsement to some guys with troublesome baggage in their trunks…


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Joke Testing Room (Humor)

(Thanks to Calvinistic Cartoons for the image)

Here at Truthinator’s Blog, we run our humor & satire material by a team of experts to make sure only our best stuff gets published. After a recent quality inspection, we received the following feedback:

Jenny flashed the “Loser” sign with one hand while practicing her “Hook ’em Texas Longhorns” sign with the other.

Tammy didn’t notice the presentation had finished because she was concentrating on a text message from one of her homies.

Amy was so bored that she had to slap her arm just to stay awake.

Oh well, I guess it’s back to the drawing board here at Truthinator’s Blog…


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