Is There an App for That? (Humor)

02 Sep


“Whereas our primogenitors fought against the fortifications and antimachinations of antidisestablishmentarianism, we shall strive continually, ceaselessly, and monotonously with pugnaciousness, fervor, and alacrity for the freedom to worship with forthrightness, rectitude, and perspicuity…”


This is what happens when you give a young preacher an iphone with a vocabulary builder app…

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One response to “Is There an App for That? (Humor)

  1. carolynb

    September 9, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    So… if the young pastor gets a vocab builder app, do the congregants each get a dictionary app with a translator?

    Seriously, LOL, when preachers use these kind of $5000 words, they forget perhaps what Christ said about cleverness of speech… and from whom things are hidden and to whom they are revealed… and what God will do with the wisdom of the wise and the cleverness of the clever…

    Thanks for another laugh!


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