Trickle-down Humor

02 Aug

Angie: Wow, Ron… where did all of this money come from.

Ron: It is the result of my Trickle-Down Economics program. I’ll bet you George HW Bush doesn’t call it voodoo economics any longer!


Angie: Wow, that’s alot of money.

Ron: Yes, it’s seed money for the new Jeanne Dixon library that Nancy is planning to build…


Angie: Ron, why do you have so much money stashed away?

Ron: Nancy’s horoscope said to plan for extremely high inflation in the future when a muslim president would crash our economy.

Angie: That sounds more like Nostradamus…


Angie: Ron, I don’t believe it!

Ron: It’s true, I’m afraid. It’s called the Calvin Code. John Calvin’s picture was secretly removed from all US dollars and replaced with that 33rd degree Arminian, George Washington…

Angie: Why is all of this money in Rick Warren’s office safe, officer Ron?

Ron: It’s 10% of his “Purpose Driven” royalties… he hopes it will keep him out of Purgatory.

Angie: Why do you and Nancy keep so much money in your home safe, Ron?

Ron: We’re Arminians and we keep losing it…then getting it back…and losing it again…

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