To Discern or Not To Discern… That is the question (Op-Ed)

13 Jul

I read about a bru ha ha recently in the blog world where an official from a religious magazine had chided bloggers and blogging in general for constantly pointing out what they perceive to be error in belief in the Christian community. 

About a year ago, I also heard a famous liberal Christian author & speaker saying the same thing during a radio interview. Their points of view were so similar that one must be following the other’s lead or this must be the new plan in the liberal, left-wing religious community. It’s like they are saying, “Hey man, don’t point out my heresy as heresy. That’s mean-spirited and judgemental, dude.”

Like Rodney King (who was recently arrested, again…) said, “Can’t we all just get along?” It would be so much easier to get people to drift from the truth if folks with discernment and Bible knowledge would keep quiet…

If you are wondering whether you should keep quiet or stand for the truth, be reminded of what the Bible teaches concerning truth, error, and the incompatibility of the two. Where can you find this in the Bible? The Old & New Testaments…  

Sarcasm aside, look closely at what the Bible teaches about worldliness and whether God wants it incorporated into His church. Every book of the New Testament deals with this in some form except for maybe Philemon.

Read, Pray, Discern, Expose. Afterall, there is no other way to truly love your family and neighbors than to be honest with them.

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