Tax the Rich…

30 Mar

Increasingly I hear the chant of “Tax the Rich” coming from every corner of society. “If the rich paid their fair share…” and other pearls of such wisdom. Here is a little secret if you are on the “Tax the Rich” bandwagon. We already tax the rich and tax them plenty. They already pay most of the taxes anyway.

Guess who would pay more if we taxed the rich more than we do today. You. That’s right, you. Why? Because the rich are the ones who own stuff and buy stuff and have political influence and employ you & me and insure you & me and invest in our futures… and when their taxes go up, our income goes down. It has been proven time and again that each time rich and/or corporate taxes go up, jobs are shed and prices rise and more pain is felt by those who are demanding the rich get taxed!

The only way to get out of the debt our nation is in is for us to make & sell stuff to other countries so that we can get money from outside of our country in order to expand our economy. We must also stop printing money along with curtailing all of the federal gov’t giveaway programs. They give it away faster than industry can bring it in!

Look, taxing the rich may make some of you feel better about yourselves for a minute or two but you will catch it in the posterior before long. It has always worked out this way and it always will. Get-even-with-’em tactics never work. Grow up, work hard, ask for God’s providence. He will take care of abuses by the rich against the rest of us. It is not our place to do so.


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2 responses to “Tax the Rich…

  1. Todd Fast

    April 4, 2011 at 2:21 pm


    America is fading fast. Once our dollar loses it’s status as the world’s reserve currency which it is scheduled to do as told by the IMF, it’s all over ( We have too much debt and continue to spend at a mind boggling pace. Private banks run this country and control the White House; nearly all of Obama’s staff at one time worked for Goldman Sachs.

    Now, the Nobel Prize Winning Obama took us into yet another war. It’s madness.

    The only thing that can help or save us is almighty God. It is in him and him alone in which we should place our hope and trust.

    • Truthinator

      October 12, 2011 at 4:25 am

      You are correct, sir.


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