Dispensational Thought for the Day #5 (part 4)

15 Mar

I subtitle this installment Additional Thoughts. There are a few other things worth mentioning about why people believe in the rapture even though it is not mentioned by name in the Bible.

1) Why don’t the reformed perspective people get it? I believe they are taught not to… They are taught to see eschatology through the reformed filter. The reformed perspective was developed many years ago. Back then, no one could possibly imagine how the end of times events could possibly occur. Because of this, they began to allegorize Revelation until they could make it fit into the realm of the understandable. Are they bad people for this? No. They just made a mistake. The neo-reformed people of today continue to make this mistake. Are they bad people? No. I like many of them. They are quite good at much of scripture but not eschatology or Israel.

This is a point for ALL of us to learn from because dispensational people can be bad about forcing things to fit what they can understand as well. The Bible says what it says. If we do not understand based upon what we can learn from scripture, it does not mean that we can make wild assumptions. We must take things on faith.

2) The thought that the Church would endure the tribulation is an old covenant type of concept. God always protected Israel as she endured troubles. God will remove the Church prior to the tribulation period. This is more in line with new covenant thinking.

3) To repeat a point made in an earlier post, if the Church endures the tribulation, why isn’t she mentioned? Several other groups get mentioned but the Church, the very Body of Christ, that so much of the Bible talks about, is not mentioned??? I don’t think so.

4) This thing the reformed people believe about partial binding of Satan and the thing about the millennial kingdom not being one thousand but instead meaning ‘a very long time’… huh? Partially bound? I don’t see that in Rev. Bound is bound. I wouldn’t bet my chips on partial binding. Instead, I believe what the Bible clearly says. Satan is bound for 1000 years during the millennial reign of Christ.

Also, one thousand usually means one thousand. When the Bible uses hyperbole to represent vast amounts it usually says something like ‘myriads and myriads’ or ‘ten thousand times ten thousand’ or something like that. To say one thousand probably means exactly that… one thousand.

This is enough for now. Opine if you wish. Thanks.


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2 responses to “Dispensational Thought for the Day #5 (part 4)

  1. ali

    March 15, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    I remember the words of Corrie TenBoom who recounted the words of a Chinese pastor regarding the rapture. He spoke of the failure to teach the people to stand in faith but instead they had been taught imminent rapture = no tribulation. When persecution came to the believers in China, many, many were not prepared and lost faith in God – if the rapture was not true, then what other lies had they been told.

    What will happen in America when persecution comes – probably the same as it did in China.

    I heard someone say regarding the tribulation and rapture: “my God would not allow me to go through the tribulation.” I was grieved to hear this for it would appear this person does truly not know the God of the Bible.

    WAKE UP America and Strengthen what remains…

    • Truthinator

      March 16, 2011 at 7:26 am

      Good point, Ali. The key to understanding this is that tribulation (hard times) and the Tribulation spoken of in the Revelation are different things. God never promised to keep the Church out of any trouble whatsoever. He promised to take the Chruch out of Tribulation spoken of in the Revelation that will preceed the ending of the world as we know it. Hard times have and will continue to come upon the Church until that time. America shares a deep lack of Bible knowledge. We too fail to understand what the Bible teaches. That is why so many people follow Joel Osteen and Rick Warren to mention only two. Bible up. people. Thanks, Ali.


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