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Tax the Rich…

Increasingly I hear the chant of “Tax the Rich” coming from every corner of society. “If the rich paid their fair share…” and other pearls of such wisdom. Here is a little secret if you are on the “Tax the Rich” bandwagon. We already tax the rich and tax them plenty. They already pay most of the taxes anyway.

Guess who would pay more if we taxed the rich more than we do today. You. That’s right, you. Why? Because the rich are the ones who own stuff and buy stuff and have political influence and employ you & me and insure you & me and invest in our futures… and when their taxes go up, our income goes down. It has been proven time and again that each time rich and/or corporate taxes go up, jobs are shed and prices rise and more pain is felt by those who are demanding the rich get taxed!

The only way to get out of the debt our nation is in is for us to make & sell stuff to other countries so that we can get money from outside of our country in order to expand our economy. We must also stop printing money along with curtailing all of the federal gov’t giveaway programs. They give it away faster than industry can bring it in!

Look, taxing the rich may make some of you feel better about yourselves for a minute or two but you will catch it in the posterior before long. It has always worked out this way and it always will. Get-even-with-’em tactics never work. Grow up, work hard, ask for God’s providence. He will take care of abuses by the rich against the rest of us. It is not our place to do so.


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It’s The Emergent Church As We Know It…and it feels fine (Satire)

Do you guys remember the song by REM called “It’s the end of the world as we know it”? I have written a little ditty that has a similar tune… 


Brian McLaren, Rob Bell

Universalism, no Hell

replace the Bible, PDL

appearance fees, sell sell

no hymns, praise band

nobody takes a stand

it’s the Emergent Church as we know it and it feels fine…


Mark Driscoll, soul patch

cussin’ preachers, there’s a catch

Calvinism?, no match

Neo-reformed?, down the hatch

Doug Pagitt,  what a shame

Everyone’s afterlife turns out the same?

It’s the Emergent Church as we know it and it feels fine…


Rick Warren, on the mound

Jonas Brothers, provide the sound

felt needs, no Bible found

what happened to dinners on the ground?

curve balls, to the flock

Angel Stadium, God is mocked

it’s the Emergent Church as we know it and it feels fine…


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Rob Bell’s Theology… Closer to John Lennon or John Calvin?

Imagine there’s no Heaven (or Hell), it’s easy if you try… Rob Bell’s new Book Love Wins has been called “a fine book” by some on the extreme religious left and it has been called heretical and Universalist by more conservative Christian commentators but one thing is sure… the book is at the center of controversy.  

While Bell denies being a Universalist, it is difficult for him to prove it based upon his belief that everything works out for everyone in the end. His proponents call his work “generous”and his dissenters call it historically inaccurate, Theologically unsound, devastating to souls, and indefensible.  

The Truthinator has been warning about the Emergent toxic sludge for about 10 years now. Rob Bell pastors a 10,000 member church in Grand Rapids, MI but that is not the real danger. The real danger lies in the fact that young people and aspiring pastors have enshrined this guy as the true north position on the compass of truth! You may say to yourself that your church is fine and that nothing new ever happens in Turkey Neck, NC but chances are the next pastor called to the churches in all of the Turkey Neck, NCs in the world will have been greatly influenced by Rob Bell and others like him.  

Be afraid for your children and grandchildren. I have seen the face of America’s religious future and it is scary…

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Semper Fi (Humor)


When the elders suggested young pastor Fred simplify his messages, he misunderstood them to have said to Semper Fi his messages…  

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Dispensational Thought for the Day #6

Ok, thus far I have been pretty tough on the reformed people. Hopefully I have been kind however. Today, I will be tough on my dispensationalist friends.

Dispensational Thought for the Day #6 … Everything that happens is not necessarily a fulfillment of prophecy!

Wow, the earthquake in Japan and the resulting nuclear disaster was only just beginning to be realized last week and people were already beginning to claim this was fulfilling prophecy. Stop and think, people!

Where in Revelation or anywhere else does it talk about the end times events happening in Japan? And where does the Bible say that any of the trumpet or seal judgements take place separate from the Tribulation period? Has the Tribulation over the entire world begun?

Yikes. I am amazed at how people take verses out as if they can stand alone and claim all manner of weird fulfillment. Let me give you an example of dispensationalists run amok (No, that is not a title of a new reality show on Fox). Back in the 1980s, there were many people traveling the country doing prophecy conferences. One such person said that Revelation 9:8-9 ( They had hair like the hair of women, and their teeth were like lions teeth. They had breastplates like breastplates of iron; and the sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots, of many horses rushing to battle) was talking about the heavy metal rock bands that were so popular at the time.

Give me a break. This is not exegesis…this doesn’t even qualify as eisegesis. This is simply ignorancesis.

The book of the Revelation is not entirely chronological because there are some parenthetical pieces that give greater detail of some areas but overall events happen within a framework of chronology. Once the trumpet and bowl judgements begin, there will be no doubt that the Tribulation has begun. Speakers must be tested to insure they are sound teachers. Do not follow someone because they tell a fascinating or compelling story very well. Even if they have powerpoint and/or video to back their story up, they may still be misguided or out & out frauds.  

Beware of the clever packaging around a bill of goods. The principles of sound Bible study include context, consistency, careful treatment of literal & figurative items, and a solid understanding of God and His nature. We will continue next time… Thanks for joining in.

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Dispensational Thought for the Day #5 (part 4)

I subtitle this installment Additional Thoughts. There are a few other things worth mentioning about why people believe in the rapture even though it is not mentioned by name in the Bible.

1) Why don’t the reformed perspective people get it? I believe they are taught not to… They are taught to see eschatology through the reformed filter. The reformed perspective was developed many years ago. Back then, no one could possibly imagine how the end of times events could possibly occur. Because of this, they began to allegorize Revelation until they could make it fit into the realm of the understandable. Are they bad people for this? No. They just made a mistake. The neo-reformed people of today continue to make this mistake. Are they bad people? No. I like many of them. They are quite good at much of scripture but not eschatology or Israel.

This is a point for ALL of us to learn from because dispensational people can be bad about forcing things to fit what they can understand as well. The Bible says what it says. If we do not understand based upon what we can learn from scripture, it does not mean that we can make wild assumptions. We must take things on faith.

2) The thought that the Church would endure the tribulation is an old covenant type of concept. God always protected Israel as she endured troubles. God will remove the Church prior to the tribulation period. This is more in line with new covenant thinking.

3) To repeat a point made in an earlier post, if the Church endures the tribulation, why isn’t she mentioned? Several other groups get mentioned but the Church, the very Body of Christ, that so much of the Bible talks about, is not mentioned??? I don’t think so.

4) This thing the reformed people believe about partial binding of Satan and the thing about the millennial kingdom not being one thousand but instead meaning ‘a very long time’… huh? Partially bound? I don’t see that in Rev. Bound is bound. I wouldn’t bet my chips on partial binding. Instead, I believe what the Bible clearly says. Satan is bound for 1000 years during the millennial reign of Christ.

Also, one thousand usually means one thousand. When the Bible uses hyperbole to represent vast amounts it usually says something like ‘myriads and myriads’ or ‘ten thousand times ten thousand’ or something like that. To say one thousand probably means exactly that… one thousand.

This is enough for now. Opine if you wish. Thanks.


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What is this?


Much talk is going around about this photo of Michael Horton and Rick Warren. I don’t know that much about Horton but I know a great deal about Warren. Horton is apparently a reformed guy with many fans on the net. Why is he looking so chummy with Warren?

Some say that this is merely a photo and people should not get so alarmed. I say, hogwash! Pictures cast thousands of messages and none of them terribly positive about this photograph.

This photo gives the impression that these two guys are either best buds or at least good ol’ boys who just disagree about minor stuff but are still mostly on the same page.  If Horton is Biblical, could he be on the same page as Warren?

Civility is always good but how chummy can people who are on different sides of Theology be? Why wasn’t Piper also in the photo? He says that Warren is “doctrinal and sound”.

Is Warren making the rounds trying to look credible? It seems to me that this could be the case. Looking the part is almost as good as being the part in our post-modern, ADHD age. What do you guys think?


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