Dispensational Thought for the Day #3

26 Jan

Thanks for joining me again today. These posts have been quite popular. My visit counter is quite active. Please remember that the idea here is to openly discuss and clear up some misunderstandings and misrepresentations about Dispensationalism. You are not required to agree with me! If you are trusting for your eternal salvation in God’s grace via Jesus Christ alone, then glory to God!

Remember, we said yesterday that Dispensationalism and Reformed perspectives are frameworks for interpreting scripture and not Theologies in and of themselves. Ok, let’s continue.

#3… Dispensationalism began with John Darby and was popularized by CI Scofield’ s reference Bible.

This is a yes & no type of thing. I am pretty sure Darby coined the term ‘dispensation’ but neither he nor Scofield actually made up the framework of a dispensational point of view for interpreting scripture. In other words, they did not influence people to believe anything the Bible did not already teach.

People will argue with this point but I am correct on this (humbly speaking of course). The Bible said what it says prior to Darby and Scofield; therefore, anyone before or after them could have come away with the same interpretational framework regardless of the name they may have called it.

Look, just because the Bible talks about future events that we cannot possibly understand to the point of exactly identifying the hows and whens, does not present a problem. We do not have to figure out a filter to run scripture through in order to make total sense of it in order to believe it is true and that it will be revealed in detail in the future. Take scripture at face value and allow time for future events to become evident. The literal things are to be taken literally and the symbolic descriptors are to be understood as such.

For example, the reality of a one-world government with AntiChrist at the helm is easier to imagine today than it was 30 years ago. Thirty years ago, the US was a sovereign entity who set her own rules for everyone else to follow. This is changing today. People 30 years ago had trouble seeing how a one-world government could become a reality. This did not stop Dispensationalists from believing it would eventually happen however. We did not require the mechanics to be in place in order for us to believe.

Most generations ended without a total understanding of eschatology. Ours may end this way as well. Do not think that anything about the Bible is diminished however due to us not having all the pieces of the puzzle. Coming away from scripture with the same framework of interpretation that Darby and Scofield used was and is possible had these men never existed.

Remember that the Bible is key. Read and believe what it says. Do not try to force it to mean only what you have the capacity to visualize. God is much bigger, greater, smarter, and etc than any of us could ever imagine.

Join me tomorrow for another point of discussion.


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2 responses to “Dispensational Thought for the Day #3

  1. chaddavis14

    January 31, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    This is promising. I am looking forward to talking about this. I am not a dispensationalist, and in keeping with your kind spirited guidelines, I hope to have a lively scriptural discussion with you. That is, once you get to topics like The Rapture, The Second Coming, The Tribulation, and the AntiChrist.

    Thanks for starting a discussion brother. Maybe I will be a discussion partner with you one this topic, and if is edifying, on other topics later.


    • Truthinator

      January 31, 2011 at 5:20 pm

      Thanks. Join in anytime you wish. Civility is key here. Too many blog posters take a shoot, ready, aim approach. I rather seek to discuss some stuff that none of us can prove with certainty (in everyone’s eyes). So, welcome!


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