Bible Illiteracy, Unbelief, and Goats in the Sheep Pen

27 Dec

Happy New Year and thanks for tuning in to my first post-Christmas article. I will try to keep this brief since I know there are so many blogs and so little time…

Several bits of information came out during the last half of December. Author David Campbell released information from research he used in co-writing  American Grace, How Religion Divides and Unites that reveals 80% of American “evangelicals” believe good people of other religions go to Heaven when they die. This may surprise you and it may not (depending upon where you stand theologically). After all, much of the Emergent Church believes this and they are the new and happening twist on faith in America. {for a primer on the Emergent Church, visit and to read more about Campbell, go to }

George Barna released information last week that suggests the majority of Christians in America are so afraid of being disliked and labeled judgemental by the world that they regularly compromise their faith. I believe this because I see it happen regularly and I know the intense pressure that I feel to do the same even though I try not to succumb. More about Barna’s research and alarming findings can be found at .

Keeping this brief, I want to ask the question, “why?” However, I already know the answer. 1) Many people claim to be Christian but are not, 2) Actual Christians are Bible-illiterate, and 3) False teachers are spinning yarns of grandeur that sound good but deceive.

1 & 2 are somewhat related. How could people claim to be Christian and deny much if not most of the Bible? It is possible that people are converted and never grow nor desire to know God via his word but I would not grasp this view with my eternal hopes pinned upon it. People who are saved are changed and will grow to become like Jesus. This takes time but God begins a good work in us and completes it. Unbelief in the central tenets of the Bible is not a sign of this work of sanctification. Christianity is not only intolerant of other religions, it is exclusive to those who have Jesus as their Savior. This is not a matter for human discussion and it is not up for vote.

Item 3 unfortunately feeds and is caused by items 1&2. People who do not know nor believe the Bible are ripe for the picking by false teachers. And, people who are taught by false teachers will not know nor believe the Bible.  Most of the Bible talks heavily about people knowing and believing God. Since God wrote down what He wants us to know, false teachers seem to be the punishment for those who refuse to obey God.

What can we take away from this information? America has long pretended to be a Christian nation. I believe people are beginning to be known for what they really are…pagans. Sure, there are Christians in America but to think the nation has ever functioned as a Christian nation is absurd. Chefs cook really good food, mechanics repair cars, and Christians know, believe, and follow after their God. End of story…

Your thoughts?


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4 responses to “Bible Illiteracy, Unbelief, and Goats in the Sheep Pen

  1. Ali

    December 27, 2010 at 9:02 pm

    Happy New Year.!!.

    I enjoyed your New Year’ article – much of what is truth is not desirable to hear by those who so desperately need to hear it. May your words fill the ears of the deaf and bring sight to the blind.

    • Truthinator

      December 28, 2010 at 11:37 am

      Thanks for your comment. Please visit anytime.

  2. Petra Hefner

    December 31, 2010 at 9:04 pm

    “…false teachers seem to be the punishment for those who refuse to obey God.” You’ve got a point! Also, I’m so glad that God’s mighty grace and glory will not and can not be boxed in by any one nation, however big! or have we forgotten about Babel and how quickly God had scattered that prideful stance!

    Wishing you a blessed and happy new year!!!

    • Truthinator

      January 1, 2011 at 12:06 pm

      Thanks for visiting again, Petra. America seems to be the chief abode of false teachers today. We cannot let our guards down. We need discernment here as much as it is needed anywhere. Keep fighting the good fight and Happy New Year!


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