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Daily Truth Bible Study Acts 11:1 – 30 Part 3

This lesson will complete the Chapter 11 material. Notice in verse 27 and following how a man named Agabus stood up and prophesied by the Holy Spirit that a famine was coming (and it did).  How does this compare to the people we see on TV today doing all kinds of foolishness in God’s name with a success rate of about 25% or less? Not the same!

People do all sorts of things today with little of it actually having anything to do with Biblical truth. When people did these super works in Acts, they did so with accompanying signs from God by His Spirit. Also, prophesies that are true words from God come true 100% of the time. Anything less than 100% accuracy and precision are predictions not prophecies…

Does God still work through people this way? I am doubtful. God’s word is together and readily available. What would He want to say that has not already been said in scripture? Can I prove this to be true? No. I will say, however, that people should be very careful about anyone suggesting that they hold special gifts. Treat everything with healthy scepticism. Use the Bible to measure truth against claims of legitimacy.  

Be especially careful of signs and wonders that are accompanied by people asking for money! Scripture does not mention legitimate showings of signs and wonders accompanied by people making a profit from these activities. Actually, we see the first Church being very careful about money. They did not want to bring accusations of impropriety into their ranks. Verse 29 says the disciples collected money to send in relief for the people of Judea. We see the early Church helping to alleviate need not causing additional need by bilking trusting people of their retirement funds like so many TV personalities do!

Compare what you see happening today against what the Bible teaches. Does it fit with what happened in scripture? If not, it is probably not legitimate.

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