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Do Emergents and Other Liberals Really Love One Another?

Emergents and liberals all talk the talk of love but do they walk the walk of love? Love, love, love and so it goes. We love each other so we don’t judge each other. We are not constrained by laws and rules, we just love. On and on and on it goes… But is it true?

According to surveys from reputable researchers, Emergents and liberals (as well as too many who claim to be traditional) fornicate almost as much as nonChristians, lie almost as much, steal almost as much, partake in alcohol & drugs almost as much, use worldly entertainment almost as much, and attend church almost as little. They also fail to honor God by not believing His word to be inerrant and infallible almost in equal percentages.

So, let’s just round it off by saying there is practically no difference between many who call themselves Christian and those who do not claim any association with Christ. Most of the Emergents and liberals today claim outright that they do not follow the rules of traditional beliefs. They openly rebel against traditional Biblical belief. They hide behind excuses like the Bible being too difficult to understand and not wanting to turn people away by clinging to rules and commandments.

Since little if any attempt is made by them to follow God’s law, we can assume by deduction that they do not really love anyone but themselves. Emergents and liberals only love numero uno. They love themselves. How could someone who loves his neighbor fornicate with them? This not only uses the other person for pleasure but also induces another to sin against God. Is this love? Hardly.

What about stealing from strangers and stores? Does this show love? No. What about lying? No love. What about the rebellion they show against their Christian counterparts? Not love either. What about the lust and coveting they show by their drive to attain all of the world’s power and prestige? Also not loving.

Not to mention their showing no love for God by breaking all of His laws continually…

Emergents and liberals do not love one another. It is simply noise. They use this love talk to quiet their consciences. Repent and cry out to God for salvation.

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Are Emergents Actually Christian?

Someone needs to ask this question so I suppose the Truthinator will be the one who does. Are adherents to the Emergent Church concept actually Christian? Hold the phone, Emergents, because I know you guys are ready to pounce with the oh so predictable, “Don’t judge lest ye be judged” gem. 

Here is why I ask this question. The hallmark of the Emergent situation is people do not like, appreciate, or connect to traditional Christianity. These people want hip music, stylistic interpretation rather than expository preaching, calming monologues in a performance vein rather than pulpit-pounding, erudite ego stroking rather than the conviction that comes from learning what the word of God says and etc.

Don’t deny it because you know it is true. Where is the proof? Look in the mirror. Ask yourself if this is true. You know that it is. Read the books and blogs from the Emergent gurus. Emergents want a more user friendly and inclusive community gathering instead of fellowship in Christ’s suffering. 

The reason I ask whether Emergents are really Christian is that most if not all of the driving force factors that build the Emergent movement are contrary to what the Bible says that God is and what He demands.  Keep reading.

Here are just a few but enough to cause serious consideration of my thesis.      1) Jesus – Sometimes he is heralded by Emergents but never as the Christ of the Bible. He is “JC”, “Rad Dude Jesus”, “Breakdancing Jesus”, or several others of a variety of fictitious manifestations. Even the Emergents who actually talk Jesus give Him attributes He doesn’t actually maintain and take away unpalatable ones (in their eyes) that are true.

 2) All inclusiveness – Everyone goes to Heaven regardless of what they believe or there is not even a Heaven at all and everyone dies and are gone from existence. Both of these ideas are common in Emergent “thinking” but neither are true because neither are found in the Bible.

3) This is the final point I will mention here but there are others. The Bible is not believed by ANY of the Emergents (do some research and you will find drift or even exodus from core Bible truth). Emergents replace, twist, spin, delete, and insert Bible teachings. All of which are prohibited by the Bible. I am not talking about disagreeing on gray areas such as exactly when the rapture of the Church will occur. I am speaking of items such as atonement, Christology, Soteriology, creation, Heaven, Hell, the reality of God, and so forth.

When people do not believe such foundational truths, they cannot be classified as belonging to that group who do believe. This is very simple. Let me give a quick example then I am out of here. Let’s say my neighbor claims to be an avid tennis player. I see him dressed in tennis clothes and carrying a racquet many times per week. Once at the courts, however, he doesn’t play tennis but plays cards with friends instead. Looking the part does not define the person.

The Bible defines several things about those who are called of God into eternal salvation.  A few of these include  falling upon Jesus as their only hope, changing to become new creatures (over time) in their inner beliefs and outward behavior, and producing lifestyle outcomes that resemble what the Bible teaches about the character and nature of God Himself.

Are Emergents actually Christian? Some may be but I am doubtful that many if any true Christians could stay in an environment that does not believe God’s word or truly worship Him. While it is above everyone’s paygrade to determine the validity of a person’s claim of belonging, the Bible is very clear that not all who make this claim actually belong. I encourage you to read up on what the Emergents believe. It will take some time but this is of vital importance. This movement is sweeping the country and many Emergents are influencing our young people daily. Counter error with truth; it is the only way.


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