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Daily Truth Bible Study Acts 11:1-30 part 2

Notice in verse 19 how believers had scattered to far away places as a result of the persecution that arose concerning Stephen’s ministry. Notice particularly that despite Stephen being killed by the Jewish religious leaders, the spreading of the good news of Jesus continued and increased! The scattering of some resulted in the Gospel being taught in new and different places. The work of God had not been halted, it had increased!

Notice also in verse 20 how it was the Lord Jesus that was being preached to the locals. It was not felt-needs, pop psychology, how to improve your sex life, prosperity now, or any other such madness. They were preaching the Lord Jesus. The result was that the hand of the Lord was with them and a great number believed and turned to the Lord (verse 21).

This is not the first time we have seen this formula (if we can call it that). The disciples of Jesus took His message to people and the Lord’s hand blessed this activity resulting in many believing and being saved. Wow, so simple yet so profound…why is this so hard to understand? Why do so many today put on entertainment extravaganzas each week to entertain men producing little if any lasting changes in their lives and call it ministry?

The book of Acts makes it amazingly simple and easy to understand. Faithful men preach the Lord Jesus to unbelievers. God blesses this activity. Many believe and are changed. Any questions?

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Deeds not Creeds (satire)

The dramatic arts ministry at  Fromage dans la Matinee (formerly Calvary Baptist Church before converting to Emergent) delivered a dramatic dynamic equivalence interpretation of Acts 10 combined with the Dr. Seuss classic Green Eggs & Ham while standing in front of a Monroe, NC tobacco barn in an effort to reach out to rural children’s book lovers…
Thanks to Eddie at Calvinistic Cartoons for the image. The caption is by the Truthinator. 
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A Lesson in Relevance (satire)

After attending a Pompous Driven Church conference in southern California, brothers Fred, Bill, and Tom misinterpreted 1 Cor 9:22 by actually becoming Amish…  
Their conversion was short-lived however. Once they found they had to give up their Twitter and iphones, they were out like a 1692 candle in a windstorm…
Thanks to Calvinist Cartoon for the image. The caption is by the Truthinator.
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Explanation of the “Truthinator” moniker…

Hello, old friends and new. When I began this blog less than a year ago, I had no idea it would catch on the way it has. At first, I would get a hit from a friend every so often and they knew me so an explanation of the moniker “Truthinator” was not needed. Today, I get visits, replies, and emails from heavy-hitters in the faith and royalty among the Christian bloggers (all quite to my surprize).

Truthinator is to be taken totally tounge-in-cheek. I do not fancy myself as being any more in command or understanding of the truth than anyone else. God has shed His grace upon me and I can take no credit for anything. If I sometimes hit upon a truth or concept that helps communicate God’s truth, I take no credit. To Him alone is glory due…

I see myself as more of a Barney Fife type of character than an Arnold Schwartzenegger one. My zeal and desire to be in the truth is carefully guided and controlled by the Master, else I would only be banging a cymbal…or shooting myself in the foot with my one bullet.

A dose of humility from the Truthinator… 


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Free Bird (Satire)

I’ll bet you that church across the street is playing Free Bird as the invitational hymn again…their service should have let out 15 minutes ago.

Image borrowed from Calvinist Cartoons. Caption by Truthinator.
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Frontier Struggles (Satire)

Walter: ” Dean, what happened to you?”

Dean: ” They roughed me up over at that church down the street.”

John: ” What did you do, take money from the plate?”

Dean: ” No, I just suggested they sing a hymn instead of another one of those praise choruses…”


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Introducing the Emergent Bible (satire)


First, there was the Living Bible, then the NIV, now B.L.Z. Bubb Publishing House introduces the Emergent Bible! This baby is blank from page 1 to page 659. You don’t have to worry about giving up anything when you follow this version. When approached by a Calvinist concerning the total depravity of man, you can truthfully say that your Bible doesn’t mention depravity. Help an Arminian friend who is concerned about losing his salvation (again). Your Bible doesn’t mention salvation at all. Better yet, write your own text! Divorce, adultery, fornication… no problem! For only $19.95 you can make it up as you go along with the Emergent Bible. Sold everywhere PDL, Best Life Now, and other such felt-needs classics are sold…  



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