Daily Truth Bible Study Acts 11:1-30 part 1

23 Apr

After Peter returned to Jerusalem, he was confronted by the other apostles and brothers in Christ. They were probably partially in shock that the Holy Spirit had fallen upon gentiles and that Peter had gone in and stayed with gentiles for fellowship. Traditions and customs run deep. Some of the jewish believers may have understood how a gentile could be saved but equal in Christ with jews…? No way!

The Bible says all men come from Adam. We are all related when to you go back far enough. Still, mankind is ‘determined to segregate based upon myriads of reasons. Peter carefully explained how God had shown him not to call unclean what God had cleansed. Notice verse 18. Once Peter explained what had happened in total, the others said,  “Well, OK then” (my paraphrase).  Actually scripture says that they glorified God and said He had also granted repentance unto life to the gentiles.

I’m sure they were amazed but notice that they dropped their traditions and prejudice. Peter told them what had happened and they adjusted their course accordingly.

We should be ready to do the same. We carry a toolkit full of traditions and prejudices every day. Reading the Bible will disarm these in our lives. When we read what the Bible says, we should drop our traditions and fall in line with scripture. All men come from Adam. God has considered all men cleansed as far the opportunity to be saved in Christ Jesus. Those whom God will save is not known to us. We must reach out to ALL with the Gospel.

When we (Americans) see TV images of people in Haiti, Africa, American poverty areas, third-world countries, and etc, how do we react? Hopefully with compassion. What did we do to deserve God’s blessing of prosperity? Nothing. God bestowed it. Let’s use what God has given us for His glory. How much do we really need that fancy dinner and movie this weekend? Could we donate the money we would have spent to a worthy cause?  You answer this question…

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