Book Review: Will the World End in 2012? by Raymond C. Hundley, Ph.D.

14 Apr

The date of the earth’s demise has been on the minds of people as far back as historical records exist. Every generation seems to believe they are the last. Every type of rationalization imaginable has been used to justify their positions. Why are people so fascinated by the concept of the end of time? Some have gone so far as to set a date for the end of time. The year 2012 seems to come to the top of the discussion for those who go so far as to select a date.

Dr. Hundley has examined most of the better known predictions of the cataclysmic end of time set to occur in December of 2012. He has given much time and effort to study each prediction from the sceptical observer’s perspective. He does not dismiss an idea out of hand; he looks at both sides of each. Some predictions are determined to be whacky and totally unrealistic while others are not so easily dismissed. Several even cause a certain level of concern to the most hardened sceptic.

Dr. Hundley also examines the Christian perspective of the notion of the possibility of someone being able to accurately predict the date of the end of time. He also includes analysis for the Biblical-minded person to consider while doing a study of the end of times. His work is concluded with an invitation to and explanation of salvation in Jesus Christ.

I highly recommend this book to all who are interested in an objective, Christian perspective of the study of the 2012 frenzy so many are captivated by in our day.

Truthinator recommends this book.         Disclaimer:  Thomas Nelson Publishing provided this book to me free of charge in exchange for my reading and reviewing it. They did not suggest any part of my review nor did they place any pressure to slant or shape my review. 

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