Brian McLaren’s new book: New Christianity or Old Liberal Heresy ?

16 Mar

I admit up front that I am no fan of Emergent Church (cult) leader of sorts, Brian McLaren. He simply does not believe the Bible and has set out to change Christianity repairing the damage the creator did along the 13,000 years before McLaren burst onto the scene.

Many detailed reviews are available for the new book, A New Kind of Christianity so I will not add to the clutter. I will use this time to review McLaren and his ilk.

After following McLaren for years, I have been aware of his heresy and general distaste for the real God of the Bible. But, what has become amazingly clear since the publication of the new book is his ARROGANCE. Now, it is obvious that anyone who seeks to re-write God and His word in order to make Him more up-to-date and palatable to man is arrogant. I would lump Rick Warren, Robert Schuler, Bill Hybels, Joel O$teen, and many others into this category. However, there is a new king mackerel in the arrogance sea and his name is guru McLaren!

At least McLaren comes out in the open about his unbelief. He names 10 things he would do differently if he were God…basically. I know a great deal of reading any material is wrapped up in context and point of view. Apparently McLaren envisions himself as an envoy who will bring people of many faiths together around a new set of rules for engaging in the discussion of faith. Some may agree with him that new rules are necessary since many do not like the existing guidelines put forth in the Bible. I am not in that camp.

What McLaren and his heretical ilk are doing is redefining what it means to be a Christian. The only problem for them is … God is not threatened by their wishes, desires, or plans to take over. In school yards across the world, strong kids take over the games and change the rules as they please by overcoming the weaker classmates. God will not be manhandled by anyone!

McLaren fans beware! There is already a God of the universe. He has written a book. It contains the information He wanted to communicate. The ego of man is no match for the power of the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God.    

Brian McLaren Rick Warren Bill Hybels Joel Osteen Emergent Church Cult A New Kind Of Christianity Brian McLaren Rick Warren Bill Hybels Joel Osteen Emergent Church Cult A New Kind Of Christianity Brian McLaren Rick Warren Bill Hybels Joel Osteen Emergent Church Cult A New Kind Of Christianity 

Brian McLaren Rick Warren Bill Hybels Joel Osteen Emergent Church Cult A New Kind Of Christianity


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5 responses to “Brian McLaren’s new book: New Christianity or Old Liberal Heresy ?

  1. Robert

    March 17, 2010 at 9:13 am

    Thanks for the arrogant response! How about a conversation rather than a blanket dismissal? You know best? What gives you the upper hand (and authority) since you are both reading from the same Bible and claiming to let the Bible speak? Stop the knee jerking and respond!

    • truthinator

      March 17, 2010 at 9:27 am

      Hi, Robert. Thanks for visiting and for commenting. The reason there is no room for a conversation is tht the conversation McLaren and many other ECers want to have does not include God. The EC conversation is more of a “here is what I would rather have than God…” It is a man-centered, “I will be my own God”, type of movement. It is the old liberal movement re-warmed and repackaged into a fresh suit of clothes.

      Yes, you can call me arrogant or even a pharisee (as many of you do). My question to you is this. Which is arrogant, to agree with God and His word or to re-write it and improve it to meet the desire of post-modern man? Right, McLaren is the truly arrogant one.

      I doubt we are reading from the same Bible. If we are, I am reading it in agreement and sense of duty to live it. McLaren is reading it in order to repackage a 2.0 version of it that better suits the desires of his carnal mind. Be warned. McLaren is not Christian. He has none of the proofs from scripture. He has merely his own claim. Very flimsy.

      Watch the sermon clip from Paul Washer and examine your own life to see if you are in Christ or just getting blown around by hot air from heretics… Thanks and stop by again.

  2. Eli

    March 17, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    Well said truthinator! Some one comes in with that type of response, basically saying “who do you think you are?” and yet calls *you* arrogant? sorta like the pot calling the kettle black? Keep up the good work truthinator.

  3. James Burns

    March 31, 2012 at 8:16 am

    Hello: I have read three of Brian McLaren’s books and they are a powerful indictment on today’s American Church. This is basically the same thing that Paul Washer is saying only Brian McLaren’s approach is somewhat more practical. Paul Washer is correct when he points out that a real encounter with God will leave you changed but in an hour long sermon at a youth rally that is currently running on YouTube the only issue he mentions is not dressing and smelling like the world. While I’m sure that Brian McLaren has no problem with modesty he would also prefer that those modest clothes be made by folks earning a living wage and in a way the shows good stewardship of God’s Earth. All of the desperate countries the Mr. Washer has visited owe much of that desperation to over consumption and greed of the mostly “Christian” west, yet he mentions nothing about this and definitely says nothing about repentance in this area. Should Christians shop at Wal-Mart when there is no health care for most of their employees and only 1.9% of their employees live above the poverty level. No to continue here to long but Wal-Mart is increasingly buying more products to sell in America form China. China uses slave and prison labor and many female workers will have to get abortions to keep their jobs. Paul Washer is right to say that true Christians hate the things that God hates but War (resource acquisition for the most destructive economy in history) pride (patriotism) and greed (when what we pay at the pump at the checkout line or our stock values is the most important thing regardless of social or environmental destruction) are three things that God hates that he like most of western Christianity refuses to mention. Want a real challenge? Stand in the way of capitalism and for the poor the widows and the refugees that are caused by it. Look at what happen when Christianity threatened the profits of the silversmiths in Ephesus.

    Paul Washer is saying repent and do the things God loves. Brian McLaren is saying repent and care about you fellow man and community and the planet we call home because Christ said too. I don’t see the big difference here.

    I will end with a quote Brian Mclaren uses in his book “Every Thing Must Change”

    “The organized church makes peace with a destructive economy and divorces itself from economic issues because it is economically compelled to do so. Like any other public institution so organized, the organized church is dependent on “the economy”; it cannot survive apart from those economic practices that its truth forbids and that its vocation is to correct.

    If it comes to a choice between the extermination of the fowls of the air and the lilies of the field and the extermination of the building fund, the organized church will elect—indeed, has already elected—to save the building fund. The irony is compounded and made harder to bear by the fact that the building fund can be preserved by crude applications of money, but the fowls of the air and the lilies of the field can be preserved only by true religion, by the practice of a proper love and respect for them as the creatures of God. No wonder so many sermons are devoted exclusively to “spiritual” subjects. If one is living by the tithes of history’s most destructive economy, then the disembodiment of the soul becomes the chief of worldly conveniences.

    –Wendell Berry, “

    James Burns Lynchburg VA

    • Truthinator

      April 2, 2012 at 7:01 am

      Thanks, James for joining in. I agree that to turn a blind eye to civil injustice is wrong. I also agree that greed is prevalent in capitalism. I also agree that McLaren cares deeply about righting what he sees as wrongs.

      The problem I have with McLaren is that he is not Biblical. What he calls “God” and what the Bible says about God are different. We cannot develop our own model of what we desire God to be, regardless of how sympathetic we are to the civil injustice of the world.

      God is no fan of civil injustice either; however, He did not send His Son to right all temporary wrongs. He sent Jesus to save the souls of men. The Bible does not command that we right all wrongs but that we take the Gospel to the world. That is why Paul Washer is a strong preacher of the Bible.

      If you search church history, you will see much, much work being done to eliminate poverty, sickness, and illiteracy. Most of the world can thank Catholics and Protestants for their education programs, farming & clean water initiatives, and healthcare opportunities (as meager as they may be).

      It is not fair for anyone to say that just because the world is not balanced the way they would prefer that Christianity is ajar and needs to be reset with 10 points some liberal theologian makes up. I fear Brian McLaren is not even of the faith. I fear he has created his own golden calf.

      The God of the Bible differs from the picture McLaren paints of God. We cannot determine what/who God can be. We must read His revelation to us and submit to Him. Despite the failings of capitalism, if fairs much better than the track record of communist and socialist programs in historical perspective. Thanks for your comment.


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