Doug Pagitt said to Todd Friel that everyone has same afterlife experience…

27 Aug

I heard an audio clip recently of a radio interview between Todd Friel from the Wretched program and Emerging/Emergent Church motivational speaker Doug Pagitt.

Todd pinned Doug down on the subject of afterlife and Doug’s disbelief of hell. Todd asked Doug about a fictitious ‘good Mr. Muslim’ and what would his eternity look like. Doug admitted that he believed muslims (and all others) would have the same eternal experience as Christians.

My question is this…Since Doug obviously does not believe what the Bible says, where does he get his core beliefs from? Apparently from the New Age Movement. They are the only ones that I can think of who believe that everyone will be the same after this life is over.

Can anyone think of a religion that promotes the idea that everyone will have the same eternal experience regardless of their beliefs or actions on earth? New Age is the only one I can think of…

Why does Doug pretend to be Christian?

Opine, por favor

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